Bringing Solutions to Life

A couple of weeks ago I wrote a post “Real World Solutions in Action” that detailed how UNEX will be showcasing real world solutions at our booth 8727 at MODEX 2014. The idea behind our booth was not to simply show you every product we’ve ever made, but rather to make the booth more of a mini-museum of sorts. In that spirit, we have gone through our case studies to find examples of real life projects that we have done for customers that will resonate with other dealers. Seeing a product is nice, but more often than not, dealers come to us with an actual problem that needs solving, and these case studies show how we have addressed similar problems in the past.

Since that post, our team of pickologists has finalized the solutions that we will be showcasing at the show and we are extremely excited about it. I want to give a rundown of each project so that you have some background information before you come see us in Atlanta. Our pickologists would be happy to answer any questions that you might have about any of these solutions.

George G. Falter Co., Inc.

The first display is a project that we did for candy and tobacco wholesaler George G. Falter Co., Inc. The company had an inefficient and cumbersome pick line in an existing mezzanine area that was undersized and falling apart. Through one of our dealers, Werres Corporation, UNEX was able to redesign the pick line on top of the mezzanine with two sides of Roller Rack with Flow Bed flanking both sides of standalone wire shelving for slow moving products. This solution was so effective that Falter asked us to create a pick line under the mezzanines deck as well. This design incorporated 32 bays of carton flow and 45 wire deck shelving units resulting in three pick lines: two upstairs and a u-shaped line downstairs, housing 3,000 SKUs. For more information about this project read the full case study here.


The Toyotetsu plant in Simcoe, Ontario, was projected to grow considerably in the next two years. To accommodate that growth, the plant approached UNEX to save space and increase storage density for components. Brian Pollock, president of UNEX distributor Northstar Industries, met with UNEX pickologists to design a flow rack system that eliminated an entire tugging aisle by increasing storage density, doubling the length of the racks, tightening up spaces between roller chutes and integrating the new flow rack system within the existing one. This gave the plant 10 percent more floor space. For more information about this project read the full case study here.

Johnson Controls

When automotive supplier Johnson Controls began building a new plant in Suwannee, Georgia, engineers set out to unveil a state-of-the-art production facility that could accommodate the ever-evolving demands of the automobile industry. In the past, tubular pipe structures had been used on assembly lines in some plants but this would not be an effective solution for this plant. UNEX proposed using a Flow Cell solution which was the most efficient and effective long-term solution for the plant. “We’ve used other UNEX solutions in our plants, and UNEX was the clear choice for the Georgia facility,” says Todd Emmons, an engineer in the automotive business unit for Johnson Controls. “Overall, we’ve ordered 41 Flow Cells and used the UNEX instructions to assemble them in less than a half an hour each.” For more information about this project read the full case study here.

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