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Carton Flow Samples- Kick the Tires

Since the beginning of the New Year, we’ve spent several posts in this blog discussing goals that our customers might set for new business in 2015. At UNEX, we take your business as seriously as you do. We understand that making the investment in a new product or spending money on additional storage products is not something that is done lightly. That is why we make every effort to make sure that you are completely comfortable with a product before you make the decision to purchase.

I’ve called the material handling industry a “kick the tires” industry and it really is apt. Just as you wouldn’t buy a car without first test-driving it to make sure it’s the right fit, we wouldn’t expect you to make a carton flow equipment purchase without “test driving” it first.

That is why we have a comprehensive sample program that can be tailored to fit your needs. You might have thousands of SKUs in your warehouse, and it would be impractical to send us each and every different box, tote and weight to test in our flow rack. But if you contact a UNEX pickologist, he or she would be more than happy to send you a test-level sample that you can actually use to determine if that product is right for you. We’ve talked about sample kits before, but this goes a step further. This is an actual test-drive. We’re confident that we have the best product in the industry but don’t take our word for it. Take our product out for a spin.


For more information, contact a Pickologist today. We can help you determine what the best fit is for your carton flow application and get you set up with a sample to try today.