Customized Challenges

Our renewed focus on providing solutions means that our products won’t always be ideal for a specific purpose right out of the box. Often times, our Pickologists must work closely with a distributor or end user in order to develop a solution that meets each and every need specific to their operations. At UNEX, we relish this challenge, and take great pride in providing solutions that overcome each and every hurdle a customer is facing. Our spotlight on MODEX continues by highlighting one such solution that will be on display at “the greatest supply chain show on Earth”: a highly customized Flow Cell unit, designed specifically for Toyota supplier Toyotetsu.

When Northstar Industries and UNEX first began working with Toyotetsu, their objectives were clear: the Toyota supplier needed to prepare for massive growth expected in the near future. They needed the ability to do so while work on the floor remained undisturbed. Finally, they needed a solution that could grow and adapt to the changing needs of the company. For UNEX, the choice was clear:  Toyotetsu needed Flow Cell.
Our Pickologists designed a custom solution for Toyotetsu that could increase storage space, accuracy, and speed of picks, as well as easily integrate into Toyotetsu’s existing systems. Because of the heavy duty demands of Toyotetsu’s operation, the customized Flow Cell was outfitted with our Heavy-Duty Span-Track roller lanes, complete with pressure stops. These stops allowed the totes being stored to be pulled at the same exact level as the carts used by the tuggers, making the pick efficient and ergonomically sound. The Flow Cell itself featured a customized, removable handle that prevented the heavy totes used in Toyotetsu’s operation from spilling into the tugging lanes.

The tugging and picking cycles at Toyotetsu are clockwork, and it was absolutely crucial that the installation and future additions would not interfere with work on the floor. Flow Cell’s lightweight and easy-to assemble design once again made it the clear solution to this problem. Toyotetsu team members were able to assemble and install the Flow Cells themselves without gumming up the works. They can also be connected to existing flow racks, making the expansion of Toyotetsu’s existing processes seamless.


For Toyotetsu, this solution paid off almost immediately, and they exceeded their goals in expanding their facility while increasing their efficiency-not to mention gaining enough storage to accommodate a 30% increase in business.

We are featuring this Flow Cell and the related case study at MODEX because it demonstrates exactly what results from a partnership with UNEX. Our Pickologists worked intensively with Northstar and Toyotetsu to guarantee a solution that met each and every demand specific to their operation.  At UNEX, we’re willing to take on any unique challenge that can be thrown our way. Visit us at booth 8727 in just twelve days at MODEX and give us a challenge- we double dog dare you.

Posted by: UNEX