Engineering the Future

Here at UNEX Manufacturing, we believe that giving back to the community is our duty. We do this in many ways, including participation in charity events, donations to local schools and food banks, and more. It's important to our company to do our part in investing not just in the community's present, but its future as well. That's why UNEX has awarded a scholarship at Jackson Liberty High School for several years.

Recently, the UNEX scholarship went to Amy Hans, who is attending Stevens Institute of Technology in Hoboken, New Jersey. Amy is an engineering student who was selected for her academic excellence and interest in the field. Unlike many other scholarship recipients, Amy decided to thank UNEX for the opportunity in a very unique way- by coming to work with our engineering team for the summer. I sat down with Amy before she took off for Stevens and asked her about her experiences as a fledgling Pickologist.

Amy spent her summer working on product development with the engineering team and actually led development of new end cap designs for our Span-Track series. "I was responsible for the end caps from start to finish," Amy said, "from design to testing prototypes to actually making the product."

The end cap prototypes were designed using Solid Works- not only did Amy need to come up with an efficient design that would work for various product models, she needed to do so using a program with which she was still developing her skills. After developing several different designs, she created prototypes using our 3-D printer and subjected them to rigorous testing. Through her hard work, UNEX was able to produce an end cap design that is now ready for its first official field tests. She also played an integral role in UNEX's first step toward including additive manufacturing in our fabrication and assembly processes.

Amy hopes to use her education in engineering to work in the energy industry, and is interested specifically in nuclear power generation. While UNEX solutions may not rely on the same sophisticated technologies one would experience while working at a nuclear power plant, we were happy to have Amy join the team and get involved in engineering new and improved UNEX solutions. We are proud to have given Amy the opportunity to develop and hone her skills, and wish her nothing but the best in what is certain to be a bright and successful future.

Posted by: UNEX