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UNEX FlowCell with Ergo Tray




At UNEX, we believe a picture is worth more than 1000 words. That’s one of the reasons why we include engineered drawings with every flow rack quote that we send out. This practice is atypical in our industry, but at UNEX, we strive to be anything but typical



There are two significant reasons why we include drawings with our flow rack quotes instead of after a sale.



The first is that it is a tremendous visual aid to our distributors in their decision-making process. An engineered drawing of our FlowCell solutions provides a snapshot, and can often convey the vision of the project better than words can do justice. Not only is this a considerable aid to our customers, but it also helps our salespeople better express the possibilities. In addition to assisting sales closings, the visual representation may help customers rethink aspects of a project up for debate. For example, a customer may decide they don’t need a 5th level of storage in their flow rack structure because no workers in their warehouse are tall enough to reach the highest level.

UNEX provides engineered drawings of FlowCell Storage Structures
The second reason we include drawings of FlowCell structures is to increase our accuracy in installation. There are many moving parts in projects and combinations in the orders, having a visual aid makes it easier to catch mistakes. We are proactive on the front end to prevent these kinds of errors from happening, rather than reactive and scrambling to fix mistakes once they have already happened.

Including drawings with every flow rack quote is undoubtedly an added expense, but it is one that we find to be incredibly important and worth the additional cost. It’s just one of the many reasons why UNEX is an industry leader.


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