Gravity Conveyor Systems: Let the Force Be With You

Gravity conveyor systems harness the natural force of gravity to move product  efficiently and ergonomically along a pushed or pitched line. UNEX manufactures a diverse selection of gravity conveyor products to meet all of your unit handling needs, from the manufacturing floor to the retail store.  With a greater handling capacity than standard flow track, these rugged systems can handle even hard-to-convey items and are easy to install, modify, and relocate to meet the changing needs of your operation.

There are two types of gravity conveyor systems: Wheel and Roller. Both are available in straight or curved and spur sections, with a variety of support and customization options. Aluminum conveyors are used when a lightweight and portable design is required, whereas steel conveyors allow for a more rugged and permanent application.

Our SW Skatewheel Series consists of a series of wheels mounted on a common axle supported in a channel frame, with spacer tubes that prevent the wheels from moving side to side. The inertia of a gravity wheel conveyor is lower than a typical roller, so product moves more easily and at a lesser grade, even around curves.  This low-cost, easy-to-install system is designed to handle lightweight, flat-bottomed packages. Because of its flexibility, it is ideal for use in portable lines such as shipping and receiving areas.

UNEX gravity roller conveyors are constructed of metal tubes with bearings in each end, mounted on a spring-loaded axle supported in a channel frame.  Available in two standard sizes, the JRS Series (1 3/8” diameter roller) and MRS Series (1.9” diameter roller) use the same principles as wheel conveyors, but with some added advantages. Gravity roller conveyors can handle a wider variety of product, such as heavy or irregularly shaped loads. The JRS Series is available in steel or aluminum construction and is ideally suited to convey lightweight products and where operations require portable or temporary conveyor lines, such as warehousing or shipping areas. The MRS Series is available in all steel construction and is used to convey light to medium weight products in permanent installations.

Gravity conveyor systems can also be used as carton flow for hard to convey items, and are easy to design, install, and customize. Simply add a UNEX gravity conveyor system to an existing pallet rack or UNEX framework. Install into Flow Cell workstations and similar line side storage applications to deal with extreme conditions such as metal parts or abusive handling, or use in front of rack as a pick or takeaway conveyor. Convert static storage to dynamic storage: let gravity work for you.

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