Ask the Space Wizard: How is UNEX Carton Flow Better or Different than the Competition?

unex-space-wizardUNEX is the creator of the original SpanTrack, one of the first patented carton flow solutions on the market. Since then, UNEX’s line of carton flow solutions has grown to include SpanTrack Lane, SpanTrack Wheel Bed, SpanTrack Keg Flow, and Shelf Track. While all UNEX carton flow solutions are designed to increase productivity, maximize storage density, and reduce strain on workers, every option brings unique advantages to the table compared to other products on the market.

Here are 5 reasons why companies across the supply chain choose UNEX carton flow solutions.

1: UNEX carton flow solutions keep products flowing to the point of pick.

While there are many other full-width roller lane products on the market, UNEX’s SpanTrack Lane solution offers a smoother and more consistent flow. Each steel or aluminum roller is outfitted with individual bearings, minimizing friction and maximizing flow. SpanTrack Wheel Beds, like their roller lane counterparts, are uniquely designed compared to other plastic wheel carton flow solutions on the market. UNEX engineers created the Hex Hub wheel, which is designed to minimize friction between the wheel and axle by 20% and keep the Hex Hub wheels free to flow product.

By eliminating as much friction as possible between the roller or wheel and their axles, UNEX engineered a carton flow solution that will reliably flow product to the point of pick.

2: UNEX carton flow solutions eliminate hang-ups within your flow racks.

A common but vexing problem with many carton flow solutions on the market is “imprinting.” This is when the weight of a carton or box presses down on a carton flow wheel rail or track, creating indentations on the bottom of the box. Cartons with imprinting flow poorly and often get stuck deep within a flow rack out of reach. 

UNEX designed both its full-width roller lanes and wheel beds to virtually eliminate the potential for imprinting. These solutions offer 300% more surface contact with the product than plastic wheel rails and evenly distribute a product’s weight across the width of the carton flow solutions. 

heavy duty spantrack with steel rollers

3: UNEX carton flow is highly customizable and offers a full line of accessories.

Every carton flow solution is engineered to order and is designed specifically for your unique application. SpanTrack Lane, Wheel Bed, Keg Flow, and Shelf Track are all available in varying widths and to-the-inch lengths and can be ordered for light, medium, or heavy-duty applications. SpanTrack hangers and end styles are engineered to integrate with your existing industrial pallet rack or flow rack, keeping your carton flow tracks secure in your system. Each solution comes with its own selection of accessories like slow-down strips, infeed guides, label holders, ramp stops, and more.

spantrack lane with ramp stop

4: UNEX carton flow is easy to install.

Whether you use industrial pallet rack, pre-existing flow rack, or UNEX’s own flow rack solutions like FlowCell or Roller Rack, UNEX carton flow is designed to minimize time between installation and use. Solutions like Shelf Track and low-profile SpanTrack allow you to simply drop tracks into hangers in your existing rack and start flowing product right away. No matter what type of carton flow you need, UNEX will deliver an engineered-to-order solution that is fully operational, fast.

5: UNEX carton flow is long-lasting and durable - and backed by an industry-leading warranty.

UNEX carton flow solutions are designed to stand up to the rigors of your operation. Heavy-duty weight capacities and configurations like impact zones can help you store and flow bulky material without damaging your carton flow. When used according to guidelines, SpanTrack is designed to provide a faster, more efficient pick for many years, so much so that it often outlives the application it was designed for. Plus, every UNEX carton flow solution shares one thing in common - they are backed by a 7-year warranty.

spantrack wheel beds with tote

Take advantage of UNEX carton flow’s competitive edge: design your custom solution now.

UNEX’s online configurator allows you to build your own customized SpanTrack carton flow solution in three dimensions. Just input your rack dimensions, upright configurations, and beam manufacturer, and you can start creating a solution optimized for your unique application.

Build a Storage Solution in Minutes with UNEX SpanTrack Configurator

Do you have more questions?

To learn more about SpanTrack or UNEX’s other carton flow and storage solutions, check out our frequently asked questions. If you don’t see the answer you’re looking for, Ask the Space Wizard! If you need help with a specific application or would like to request a quote, get in touch with a UNEX space optimization specialist.

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