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How to Optimize Warehouse Space at the End of Aisles

Transform end caps into highly-efficient storage space with carton flow and high-density storage solutions.

What do you do when space is tight in your already-optimized operation? Let’s say you’ve installed carton flow storage systems in your pallet rack and consolidated your inventory, but you’re still running out of space.

Warehouses and distribution centers need to think outside the rack to find more opportunities to optimize their space utilization and efficiently store their products.

You’ve optimized your storage racks with carton flow, but you’re looking for additional space to store slow or medium-moving products - these products typically make up a large portion of your inventory and spend more time in your warehouse or distribution center than your fast movers. But what about optimizing your footprint outside of your storage racks?

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Convert aisle end caps into dynamic storage spaces to store more SKUs in the same footprint while boosting pick rates.

Does this picture look familiar?

Optimizing warehouse space at the end of aisles

In many warehouse and distribution centers, the end-of-row racks or end caps typically serve as ad hoc storage locations for empty pallets, garbage receptacles, and other non-value-added items. This creates multiple challenges on the warehouse floor by cluttering your main aisles and increasing risk to both forklift and foot traffic.

All that wasted space on your end caps adds up to massive losses over time due to inefficient use of your available square footage.

Guide to Designing Your Own Carton Flow Solutions


Instead of storing non-value added materials at the ends of your aisles, you can replace them with a bay of dynamic storage for either each picks or case picks, depending on your need. These bays will increase the amount of SKUs you can efficiently store and utilize the end cap space to generate profit, not waste.

spantrack speedcell end cap layout

In this optimized layout, clutter on the end caps has been replaced by a bay of SpeedCell and SpanTrack, respectively. These warehouse storage solutions allow you to store more product in less space than a standard bay of pallet rack.

SpeedCell creates a dynamic solution for storing each picks or case picks and can add up to 120 additional SKUs to the end of a row. SpanTrack provides optimized case picks and each picks and can add an additional 32 SKUs to the end of a row.

Turn wasted warehouse space into profit opportunities.

Utilizing dynamic high-density storage and carton flow solutions on your end caps can turn your wasted square footage into a profit opportunity.

If you’re feeling the space crunch in your facility, our space optimization specialists can help you discover and utilize untapped storage opportunities in your warehouse or fulfillment center.

We’ll help you design a system that boosts your storage density and adds value to every square foot. Contact us today to get started!

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