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Inventory Management: Ditch Comfort Stock Worries


We all know keeping excess inventory on hand can hinder warehouse space optimization and is not a good business practice. However, as much as we understand the importance of just-in-time manufacturing and  supply practices, we’re easily susceptible to all those pesky “what-ifs:” 

  • What if something goes wrong in our production process?
  • What if my supplier can’t get a vital shipment out?
  • What if my customer needs more than was forecasted or wants delivery on an accelerated schedule?

We believe in Just-in-Time (JIT), so why don’t we practice what we preach?

Well, because what-ifs are stressful. It feels so much safer to have a buffer zone, to stock up in case of emergencies, to make like a good scout and “be prepared.” That’s why excess inventory is so insidious; it’s one of the hardest wastes to root out because it gives us the illusion of control, and that’s very comforting. Except that it’s a really expensive way to hedge your bets.

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Even aside from tying up operating capital in physical goods, there are also significant non-capital costs associated with holding and servicing excess inventory: tracking, managing, handling, storing, transporting, and insuring physical inventory are carrying costs that can add up quickly and are generally not recoverable. There is also a very real risk of inventory loss, damage, deterioration, theft, or obsolescence.

Are you starting to feel a little uncomfortable about holding comfort stock?

Inventory buildup can be driven by overproduction, poor planning, process imbalances, inefficient workflow, over-ordering to qualify for bulk discounts, or any of a range of other hidden factors. Sure, it creates anxiety to drop inventory to JIT levels, but right-sizing inventory can alert you to the underlying problem(s) that need to be addressed.

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Taking stock of inventory practices readies you for JIT delivery not by hoarding goods but by shoring up your supply chain, shortening lead times, and streamlining production processes. Isn’t that a comforting thought?

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