Life After MODEX

When the dust settles after the "Greatest Supply Chain Show on Earth," our featured solutions begin another leg of their journey. Instead of bringing home our products, breaking them down, and re-using tracks or racks for other orders, UNEX believes that these items would be put to better use in a place like the upcoming Gateway Logistics Technology Education Center.

An endeavor initiated by America's Gateway Logistics Center, the Gateway Logistics Technology Education Center is set to be a model for the nation, and will be an all-encompassing, industry-responsive training facility. The GLTEC's goal is to provide career pathways that prepare students for a career in logistics, warehousing, manufacturing, and other closely related industries. As the logistics industry in the southeastern United States continues to expand and flourish, GLTEC aims to support this burgeoning enterprise with education and training for both job seekers and incumbent workers. The GLTEC will develop its curriculum around the needs of logistics employers, and has put in place a system that allows key programs to evolve with the ever-changing industry.

The logistics industry has faced a chronic shortage of skilled workers in recent years, and the Gateway Logistics Technology Education Center's primary goals aim to quickly narrow that gap in the region by offering education and career training programs designed to be completed in two years or less, and will lead to "stackable" certifications that allow both new and incumbent workers an opportunity to advance in the field. The GLTEC program will create a pipeline for logistics talent in the region, which will put a substantial dent in the 1 million new employees required in the logistics industry alone in the next seventeen years. Graduates of GLTEC's program will have acquired the skills to manage the new and varying technologies being introduced into the industry. Ultimately, the Gateway Logistics Technology Education Center's goal is to meet the millions of upcoming jobs with skilled, talented logistics experts that are well-prepared to succeed in a rapidly evolving industry.

UNEX is very proud to be a part of this important effort. Logistics and its related industries are some of the most vital in the world, and American competitiveness in a global market depends on a robust workforce, capable of living on the cutting edge of logistics and supply chain trends and technologies. The solutions on display at MODEX were designed to bring just that to the businesses in which they are utilized, and will continue to do so in their new home at the Gateway Logistics Technology Education Center. At UNEX, supporting training and careers for American workers is one of our highest priorities, and facilities such as the upcoming GLTEC or the Open Door Rehabilitation Center allow us the opportunity to do just that. Improving the future prospects of logistics workers is a noble cause, and UNEX is excited to play a role in this process.

Posted by: UNEX