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Measuring Success in the Distribution Center


One of the disadvantages of the era of big data and the Industrial Internet of Things is the simple fact that the scope and depth of data available to owners and operators can be overwhelming. With so much data at their fingertips, distribution center operators need to be able to identify and act upon key metrics to improve their operational efficiency and maintain a successful facility. But how can you wade through all that data and find the metrics that really matter?

Luckily, WERC has got your back. The Warehouse Education and Research Council is an organization that offers distribution centers and warehouses resources and information that allow them to stay on top of the cutting edge of warehouse and distribution practices, technology, and insight. Each year, WERC offers distributors a list of metrics they should target and track to accurately measure the successes (or failures) of their operation. These metrics often change based on customer demand, and this year is no exception.

We took WERC's 2016 list and turned it into the handy infographic you'll find below. We also offer unique solutions that can help you improve your numbers in your own distribution center. From lines picked per man hour to order picking accuracy to warehouse capacity to shipping orders on time, UNEX can help distribution centers improve efficiency and contribute to a successful operation.

If you need help boosting any of these numbers, contact us! We'll put our expert Pickologists on the case.

Top metrics to measure distribution center success