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Modular Flow Racks: Not Just For Manufacturing

Modular flow racks by UNEX can be configured for almost any operation where space limitations or improper space utilization impacts productivity.


Modular Flow Racks | Hello Fresh

With the ability to create anything from assembly workstations to lineside storage units, FlowCell Modular Flow Racks by UNEX are a shoo-in for manufacturing applications. However, being a reconfigurable solution, FlowCell can be an excellent purchase for any operation where space limitations are a concern, such as order fulfillment, retail backrooms, and third-party logistics companies

These scalable solutions can be reconfigured to accommodate rapid increases in stored SKUs and fluctuations in product demands due to economic shifts and seasonality. 

What makes FlowCell such a great solution? There are a few reasons for this: 

  • It’s easy to assemble! FlowCell bolts together with just a 9/16 wrench and an hour of your time 
  • Reconfigurable for any size space. Repurpose FlowCell structures for a completely new application in your facility. 
  • Durable for long-lasting use. High-capacity product with a rugged structure backed by UNEX’s seven-year warranty.

FlowCell provides a flexible, ergonomic solution that supports lean principles, organizes retail inventory, increases picking speeds, and optimizes space utilization to accommodate product storage changes. Here are examples of three other industries in which FlowCell modular rack solutions excel.

3 Industry Applications Where FlowCell Thrives

Order Fulfillment Centers

We’ve seen FlowCell reduce maintenance costs and shrink space-sucking assembly lines when applied to manufacturing applications. It can similarly impact order fulfillment by streamlining processes. By creating workstations for flow-through, picking, packing, and kitting, FlowCell can be customized based on a facility’s unique needs.

HelloFresh Makes Room for Growth - and Future Appetites, Thanks to FlowCell

For example, when meal-kit tycoon HelloFresh needed to optimize its existing facility to add more lines, FlowCell fit the bill perfectly! Using an engineered-to-order FlowCell solution, HelloFresh added ten meal-kitting lines and created return lines for empty boxes. As a bonus, it improved workplace ergonomics by eliminating the need for employees to bend down.

Modular Flow Racks | HelloFresh Pick to Light Use Case


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Retail Backrooms & Order Pick Up

FlowCell Workstation


FlowCell flow racks can accommodate a retailer’s unique operation and fit the space constraints of a backroom or pick-up area. By configuring FlowCell as an engineered-to-order workstation, retailers experience maximum efficiency by organizing inventory or staging orders at ergonomic elevations.

The flexibility of FlowCell’s design is another detail that makes it ideal for retail applications. Especially since retail spaces can drastically range in size, a solution that can adapt to changes in space or seasonality is a must. FlowCell is versatile enough to create storage in the smaller footprint of a mom-and-pop shop or optimize micro-fulfillment stations of a big box retail store.

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Third-Party Logistics Facilities

As a third-party logistics (3PL) provider, what is stored is dependent on who contracts the space. Because 3PLs have to accommodate different products of various sizes and effectively fit them into that space, a warehouse storage solution that changes with the contracts and produces a quick ROI is ideal.

Additionally, some 3PL facilities lack the room to use pallet racks for organizing products. This creates another scenario in which FlowCell can shine since its design makes it more agile in a smaller footprint. If vertical height is restricted, FlowCell can be more compact, compared to bulkier pallet racks. If a 3PL operation has limited clearance and no need for overhead storage, FlowCell can be an effective solution.

Warehouse Storage Solution | FlowCell and Gravity Conveyor


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FlowCell is a versatile solution that can be used for a wide array of processes throughout fulfillment, manufacturing, logistics, retail, and other industries. Unlike many other flow racks on the market, FlowCell brings to the table many unique benefits over other solutions like pipe and joint or aluminum extrusions, saving you time, money, and headaches.


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