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NEW and Improved Guard Rail for SpanTrack Lane Carton Flow Rollers

Minor updates, major benefits. Newly redesigned guard rails for SpanTrack Lane carton flow rollers are now available.UNEX SpanTrack Lane Carton Flow Rollers Guard Rail
What is carton flow guard rail?

Guard rail is a channel shape that bolts to the side of carton flow roller lanes. Guard rails are beneficial when you have products that tend to shift, left or right, when in operation of flow. This is most noticeable with round items like paint cans, plastic pails, or ice cream tubes, to name a few examples. Guard rails also give the person loading products a definite location to do so, making it even easier and more efficient to re-stock items from the back of the rack.

What's new with updated SpanTrack Lane Guard Rail?

The new SpanTrack Lane Guard Rail has a .5" thick top. This allows each guard to perform simultaneously by working on the track it is bolted to, as well as the adjoining track next door. This means you need fewer guard rails to do the same job. And fewer parts = more cost-savings! The 4 widths of guard rail offered closely match the recommended widest product for each width of SpanTrack lane carton flow tracks. Thus, you can make space layouts for your system that are more effective than ever. The new and improved SpanTrack Lane Guard Rail's strong, roll-formed shape is a significant improvement over traditional "snap-in-place" type parts - the carton flow standard in decades past.

SpanTrack Lane Guard Rail Features and Benefits:

  • Offered in 4 spacer widths
  • In-or-out mounting
  • Strong bolted construction
  • Improved, strong, roll-formed shape
  • Guards can be spliced together for deep flow systems

SpanTrack Carton Flow Resources

You can learn more about SpanTrack Lane and other carton flow solutions by clicking here, and check out these helpful resources below:

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If you'd like to learn even more about this new carton flow accessory, or you're looking to get started building a new SpanTrack carton flow system, contact us today! Our space optimization experts will be happy to assist you in developing a solution tailored to meet your specific needs.

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