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FIFO vs. FEFO - What's the Difference?

First In, First Out (FIFO) FIFO, First-In, First-Out, is important for companies that distribute products with expiration dates or perishables, such as pharmaceuticals, food, and…

Just-In-Time Manufacturing & UNEX

Just-in-time manufacturing originated at the British Motor Corporation in Sydney, Australia in the mid-1950’s, was later adopted in Japan, and became more prominent in the US in the…

Warehouse Space- When Bigger Isn't Always Better

Warehouse space is becoming a premium in today’s fast-paced e-commerce world. There just isn’t enough warehouse space available to store products to meet online customer demand. This…

A Mother's Day Supply Chain

This weekend is Mother’s Day, a world-wide tradition of honoring mothers on the second Sunday of May with flowers, cards and other gifts.

Order Picking Solutions: Mix & Match to Improve Customer Service

Order picking is one of the main processes within a warehouse – and the most labor intensive. Most warehouses use a variety of order picking solutions within their operation, including…

Promat 2017: What We Learned

UNEX Introduces New Material Handling and Order Picking Solutions at ProMat 2017

UNEX's Promat Booth S429 to Showcase Innovative Solutions Designed For Improving Efficiencies in the Warehouse

Order Picking Methods: Which Is Best For You?

Order picking is one of the most costly- and essential- operations for your business.

Spring Cleaning Your Order Picking Operation

As spring quickly approaches, many of us will be tidying up our desks, throwing out old paperwork, and preparing our workspaces for the new season. Will you be doing the same in your…

FIFO Storage Racks and Food Date Labels

    FIFO Racking  - First In, First Out Storage FIFO means first in, first out, and if you store your products using this methodology, you can ensure your customers will always receive…