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Fueling Growth Through Lean

In today’s competitive environment, smart companies are fueling growth through leaner operations. Adopting lean practices, which focus on the elimination of waste throughout the enterprise, create cost savings while establishing an environment of...

When Order Picking Goes Wrong: The True Cost of Mispicks

Order picking operations can account for more than 50% of a facility's operation costs.

That's why every pick counts. However, many operations do not optimize their order picking processes, or prioritize speed over accuracy. This can lead to mispicks...

The Future of Distribution

As we have discussed in previous entries, the world of distribution is rapidly transforming. But how do our expert Pickologists see the future of warehousing? We asked our sales managers what they expect to see in the next decade.

Inventory Positioning: Best Practices

Retailers with multiple stores, product lines and product types need to implement inventory positioning best practices to ensure SKUs are in the right store or facility at the right time to better meet customer service requirements. Inventory positioning...

How Does Big Data Affect Manufacturing Operations?

A Look at Ergonomics in the Distribution Center

Think for a moment about your personal definition of productivity. Words like “effectiveness” and “output” and “production” likely come to mind.

Order Picking: A Game of Seconds

As you know, running a warehouse or distribution center is a game of seconds.

Changing Direction: Goods-to-Person

Clogged aisles? Congested pick zones? Bottlenecks in your DC? Fueled by e-commerce growth, warehouses are changing the way they fulfill orders. Instead of bringing the pickers to the goods to pick items, companies are using automation to take goods to...

Tackling the Manufacturing Skills Gap

Recently, our President Brian Neuwirth gave a presentation at Ocean County College discussing the challenges UNEX and other manufacturers face in the coming years. A major focus of this presentation was the manufacturing skills gap- a persistent issue...

How to Implement a Return Process

Often called the Reverse Supply Chain, if you ship products, you can be sure you will have to deal with product returns as well.

According to the Reverse Logistics Association, “the volume of returns annually is estimated at six percent of $3.5 trillion...