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Manufacturing in the US: Why close counts

Does it really matter if products are “Made in the USA?” Before you answer, let me share a few statistics:

Defects: The urgency of finding fault

We all make mistakes, right? It’s how we right the wrongs that count, nowhere is that truer than in manufacturing. Defective products can take a chunk out of profitability; but even more important, they can do serious damage to your reputation. When...

Excess Motion: An active drain on performance

Have you ever watched an elite athlete perform? I don’t mean just watch the score; I mean actually watching their performance. Their movement patterns are astoundingly efficient:

Inventory: Why keeping comfort stock should make you very uncomfortable

We all know keeping excess inventory on hand is not a good business practice, but as much as we understand the importance of just-in-time supply practices, we’re easily susceptible to all those pesky “what-ifs:”

Overprocessing: When too much of a good thing is bad


Here’s How You Can Ensure Automotive Manufacturing Efficiency

Logistics and assembly have a lot they can learn from each other across industries and sectors. Consider the “manufacturing supermarket,” part of the Toyota Production System that mimics the functionality of a retail supermarket within automotive...

Transportation: When work-in-progress becomes a moving target

Any multi-step production process has its logistical challenges, from transporting and receiving components from suppliers to transferring in-production items from one operational area to another. The longer and more circuitous the transit routes, the...

Waiting: Always a losing game

In manufacturing, production, and distribution environments, rhythm is essential. A smooth, steady, predictable flow ensures that each critical component – tools, parts, materials, labor, equipment, information – is available in exactly the right form...

Dealing with Complex Holiday Shopping Trends? Here’s How to Stay Ahead

Consumer holiday shopping is not just increasing year-over-year; for many retailers, it’s getting much more complex. Many retailers are managing everything from e-commerce to brick-and-mortar stores and everything in between:

Can Brick-and-Mortar Retailers Survive Amazon?

It’s a holly-jolly time of year for consumers, who are shopping in droves online and at brick-and-mortar stores across the United States.

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