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Fast Apparel Meets UNEX SpeedCell

Once upon a time, clothing designers created designs, sourced materials, and created products that were then mass manufactured and distributed—a process that could take anywhere from months to years.

Pick Replenishment: why back-to-front is the best approach

Pick performance is one of the most important KPIs in any warehouse, especially as the number of SKUs stocked and handled skyrockets under e-commerce demands. Reducing time and motion while increasing the speed and accuracy of picks is key to...

The Materials Handling Industry in 2019: Plan for productivity

In the fulfillment industry, it’s the best of times, it’s the worst of times. The best because the economy is booming, online sales are booming, and the fulfillment business is booming. The worst because all that booming demand resonates across the...

Manufacturing in the US: Why close counts

Does it really matter if products are “Made in the USA?” Before you answer, let me share a few statistics:

Defects: The urgency of finding fault

We all make mistakes, right? It’s how we right the wrongs that count, nowhere is that truer than in manufacturing. Defective products can take a chunk out of profitability; but even more important, they can do serious damage to your reputation. When...

Excess Motion: An active drain on performance

Have you ever watched an elite athlete perform? I don’t mean just watch the score; I mean actually watching their performance. Their movement patterns are astoundingly efficient:

Inventory: Why keeping comfort stock should make you very uncomfortable

We all know keeping excess inventory on hand is not a good business practice, but as much as we understand the importance of just-in-time supply practices, we’re easily susceptible to all those pesky “what-ifs:”

Overprocessing: When too much of a good thing is bad


Here’s How You Can Ensure Automotive Manufacturing Efficiency

Logistics and assembly have a lot they can learn from each other across industries and sectors. Consider the “manufacturing supermarket,” part of the Toyota Production System that mimics the functionality of a retail supermarket within automotive...

Transportation: When work-in-progress becomes a moving target

Any multi-step production process has its logistical challenges, from transporting and receiving components from suppliers to transferring in-production items from one operational area to another. The longer and more circuitous the transit routes, the...

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