MODEX 2018: UNEX Innovates & Speeds Order Picking With New Solutions

UNEX Manufacturing, Inc., the trusted industry leader in providing innovative order picking solutions, will showcase their innovative material handling products at MODEX 2018 in Booths B2331 and B2337. UNEX offers a full range of order picking solutions, including their patented carton flow solution Span-Track, a full line of gravity conveyor products tailored to the order picking process and UNEX Flow Cells for durable, modular and portable storage for the manufacturing floor. UNEX continually introduces new products to address the order picking challenges of their customers, helping them to speed fulfillment and assembly operations, while boosting order picking efficiency.

“With the growth in e-commerce and customer expectations for Amazon-like services, businesses need to focus on speeding their order picking processes to get orders on their way as fast as possible,” said Brian C. Neuwirth, VP Sales and Marketing at UNEX Manufacturing. “Manufacturing companies are looking for innovative solutions to speed assembly and order picking operations also, as the industry continues to rebound and expand. UNEX is unique in the marketplace with our wide variety of high quality, customizable, sturdy systems that outlast and outperform the competition.”

modex 2018

SKU proliferation is rampant in most warehouses, causing businesses to run out of room for storing products. The new UNEX SKUBE is a powerful warehouse slotting solution that provides a detailed 3D map and analysis of the warehouse, arranging SKUs in the proper locations to maximize efficiency and ensure products flow optimally easier and faster in the order picking process.

UNEX Industrial Carts will also be displayed to show their flexibility and mobility in moving materials, parts, boxes and components from one location to another within assembly operations. Carts are available in unlimited configurations with open shelving or racks to hold cartons or parts up to 2000 lbs. and can be used individually or trained together to improve picking operations and boost productivity.

UNEX will also showcase its Roller Rack structures, which are ideal for distribution, manufacturing and retail operations where carton flow is required and there is no need to store pallets above the rack. Roller Racks are pre-configured, easy-to-assemble and ready when facilities need them. Roller Racks feature the UNEX Span-Track patented carton flow system with available wheel bed, roller lane and pallet track.  Span-Track racks with tilted trays, cantilever flow cells, and a pack station round out the demonstrated equipment.

MODEX 2018 is the expo where manufacturing and supply chain professionals go to find solutions to futureproof their business success. The highly attended conference will be held April 9 – 12 at the Georgia World Congress Center in Atlanta. Visit UNEX in Booths B2331 and B2337 to learn about the latest, most reliable order picking technology from UNEX that speeds throughput, maximizes space utilization and increases order fulfillment rates.

Posted by: UNEX