UNEX To Exhibit Redesigned Roller Rack at RILA Conference

UNEX Manufacturing, Inc., the trusted industry leader in providing innovative order picking solutions, will showcase their innovative material handling products and accessories at the upcoming RILA Retail Supply Chain Conference 2018. Top executives in the retail supply chain space attending the show are encouraged to visit UNEX in Booth 452 to learn about the latest, most reliable order picking technology from UNEX that speeds throughput, maximizes space utilization and increases order fulfillment rates.

UNEX will showcase in Booth 452 its Roller Rack structures, which are ideal for distribution, manufacturing and retail operations where carton flow is required and there is no need to store pallets above the rack. Roller Racks are pre-configured, easy-to-assemble and ready when facilities need them. Roller Racks feature the UNEX Span-Track patented carton flow system with available:

  • Wheel-Beds – maximize product flexibility and flow allowing retailers to position multiple-sized products on the same shelf. Wheel beds maximize space and increase throughput by 150%.
  • Roller Lane - Span-Track carton flow rollers provide the industry’s most efficient, reliable and durable carton flow solution for full-case and split-case order picking. Our patented designs easily drop into existing structures and create the ultimate carton flow rack roller system, keeping product at the pick point for the worker.
  • Pallet-Track – Pallet flow systems optimize flow of pallets. A spring-loaded rear stop prevents pallets from being accidentally pushed back and falling off the rack.

UNEX Span-Track has dozens of accessories that will also be highlighted, including:

  • Shark Fin infeed guides – Guides snap onto wheel axles, providing a visual indicator for a SKU’s location, keeping inventory organized in its designated lane. The guides prevent hang-ups in neighboring lanes from off-center products, allowing cartons and products to smoothly flow forward for faster order picking.
  • Impact Zone - Added rollers or wheels to the first 12” or 18” of the load end of the track that help absorb the impact load without damaging rollers and losing the ability to flow.
  • Impact Plate – Steel impact plates snap onto rollers to provide a steel surface for impact loading.
  • Guard Rails – Full-length lane dividers that bolt onto the side channels of the track allowing companies to create a dedicated lane of carton flow on Span-Track universal wheel beds.
  • Slow Down Strips – Narrow strips that snap onto rollers for prices flow modulation. Perfect for working with a lot of depth or fragile SKU’s. The strips also make it easier to pick products by creating a small space between the box at the point of pick and the box on the slow down strips, which reduces pressure on the box at the point of pick.

The RILA Retail Supply Chain Conference 2018 gathers top executives in the retail supply chain in Phoenix on February 25th – 28th to gain powerful insights on innovative solutions that will address a host of complex challenges. UNEX will be showcasing their state-of-the-art material handling solutions in Booth 452, which is located just outside the Innovation Hub and Demo Zone.

Posted by: UNEX