UNEX Exhibits Order Picking Solutions at NBWA Show 2017

UNEX Manufacturing, Inc., the trusted industry leader in providing innovative order picking solutions, announces the company will be exhibiting its innovative order picking and material handling solutions in Booth 921 at the upcoming NBWA Annual Convention and Trade Show that takes place October 8 – 11, 2017 in Las Vegas. UNEX solutions help beer distributors make better use of their warehouse space, increase pick rates and speed throughput.

unex keg flow span track

“As the craft beer boom continues, beer wholesalers and distributors must find ways to accommodate a growing number of SKUs in a limited space,” said Brian C. Neuwirth, VP of Sales and Marketing, UNEX Manufacturing. “Fulfilling orders as quickly as possible without damage to the products, whether packaged in cases or in various sizes of kegs, will keep the beer flowing and customers satisfied.”

UNEX Manufacturing will be exhibiting the following equipment designed for the beverage industry in Booth 921 at the NBWA show, showing distributors how to better organize their warehouse to improve visibility, accessibility and pick rates with:

  • UNEX Keg Flow – A specially designed version of UNEX’s patented Span-Track that features side rails to help steady the heavy kegs, a custom hanger to provide fractional pitch and a high roller stop so that kegs don’t topple off the end. Angled label holders make product information perfectly visible to order pickers.
  • Span-Wheel Bed – A universal bed of carton flow designed with UNEX’s patented Hex Hub wheels that offer maximum flexibility for a rapidly changing inventory of SKUs. Span-Track wheel beds are proven to increase throughput up to 150% to ensure beer and spirits distributors can keep up with ever-increasing demand.

UNEX solutions offer a greater storage density so distributors can handle more SKUs, picking and loading from either side of the rack for improved productivity and heavy-duty construction of racks so heavy products can be kept off the floor for better material handling. We look forward to seeing you at the NBWA show!

Posted by: UNEX