UNEX Wins SDCE 100 Award for 3rd Consecutive Year

UNEX Manufacturing, Inc., the trusted industry leader in providing innovative order picking solutions, was chosen for a 2018 SDCE 100 award from Supply & Demand Chain Executive. The Supply & Demand Chain Executive 100 award recognizes innovative ideas and solutions that guide industry leaders to maximize efficiency, profitability and more. UNEX Manufacturing was selected for helping to speed assembly operations using carton flow systems to keep up with the growth of the client, which is an automotive business that transforms vans, SUVs and taxis into handicapped-accessible vehicles.

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“We are extremely pleased to be selected for the third consecutive year to win this prestigious award for helping our client fit more products into their existing footprint, while speeding assembly lines,” said Brian C. Neuwirth, VP of Sales and Marketing at UNEX Manufacturing. “Our Flow Cells are made of steel construction and support up to 1000 pounds per level, making them 13 times stronger than the tube and joint flow rack systems that were previously installed at the client's facility.”

“First and foremost, we want to congratulate the winners of this year’s Top 100 for their successful and innovative projects, which serve as models to companies of all sizes for what is achievable in their supply chains,” says John Yuva, editor for Supply & Demand Chain Executive. “Regardless of company size, these projects are best-in-class examples of the types of efficiencies and bottom-line results that supply chain executives should be striving toward in their own operations. Our 2018 winners provide a roadmap for how to get there.”

The 2018 Supply & Demand Chain Executive 100 spotlights a few of the industry’s most successful and transformational projects that deliver value to enterprises across a range of supply chain functions. The supply chain projects featured in this awards program offer a forward-looking perspective for the industry on new opportunities designed to drive operational success.

By implementing UNEX carton flow workstations and lineside racks in the sub-assembly area, workers efficiently complete small assembly tasks such as welding components, modifying doors or preassembling axels. Individuals work from a convenient work table with parts, lights and tools all within reach, rather than having to move around to different locations to find things, resulting in increased productivity. UNEX Span-Track is a patented carton flow solution that increases space utilization by 50%, reduces carton imprints with 300% more surface area than other roller track options, and increases throughput up to 150% when compared to order picking from pallets.

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