UNEX to Exhibit at NBWA Show Booth 419

UNEX Manufacturing, Inc., the trusted industry leader in providing innovative order picking solutions, announces the company will be exhibiting its patented Span-Track material handling solutions at the NBWA 2016 Show. The National Beer Wholesalers Association (NBWA) 79th Annual Convention will take place September 25 - 28, 2016, in Chicago, Illinois. UNEX Manufacturing will be exhibiting in Booth 419.

“With the boom in craft beers and the proliferation of SKUs in wine and spirits distribution centers, companies need to reimagine their warehouses with solutions that increase accuracy and efficiency,” said Dave Scelfo, VP of Marketing, UNEX Manufacturing, Inc. “Our beverage clients better utilize their existing space by organizing their growing number of SKUs, increase pick rates by reducing footsteps and improve visibility and accessibility with UNEX carton flow solutions.”


UNEX will be showcasing the following equipment specifically designed for the beverage industry in their booth 419:

• Keeping Kegs Upright with Keg Flow – Specifically designed for beer kegs, UNEX Keg Flow is a special version of Span-Track that features side rails to help steady the heavy kegs, and heavy duty rollers to handle the weight. As 1/6 kegs are tall and narrow, they can easily pitch over without the help of guard rails. UNEX Keg Flow racks feature 1 to 6-inch guard rails that keep kegs in place and upright.

Improving Split-Case Picking Efficiency – Seeing into and picking from boxes containing bottles can be cumbersome when the boxes are on tall shelves. UNEX offers several methods to help with split-case picking:

o Layback shelving – Bottom shelf sticks out further with each successive level more recessed, giving the picker an unobstructed view of what is in the box and allowing the picker to easily maneuver the bottle out of the box.
o Tray shelving – Trays attach to the storage shelf and slope down at 35-degrees to present the box, giving pickers an unhindered view into the box.

• Fitting Racks with Span-Track - UNEX Span-Track helps store beer SKUs that are readily accessible for workers, speeding the picking process. It also allows distributors to store 10 times or more products in the same footprint.

Posted by: UNEX