Rein in the Surge: Span-Track Wheel


Last week we discussed strategies for handling a seasonal surge. Sometimes, planning and preparation aren't enough to get your operation where it needs to be when introducing seasonal SKUs into your inventory. For many distributors, the problem is a simple one- space. It's hard to come by these days, and simply buying more rack or more warehouse space is not an option for mom-and-pop distributors lacking the war chests of the big wigs like Amazon and Wal-Mart. That's why UNEX developed Span-Track wheel beds with space saving innovation that makes them an ideal solution for handling a seasonal surge.

Our wheel beds take the space and time saving principles of our Span-Track roller lanes and turn them up to eleven. They offer high visibility, high accessibility, and drive down pick times in your operation. However, unlike our roller lanes, Span-Track wheel beds offer tons of flexibility when it comes to variances in your product. For example, a roller lane that is twelve inches wide can accommodate totes or cartons up to sixteen inches wide. But what happens if you've added SKUs or replaced inventory with a larger product for the season? Well, with roller lanes, that means removing the track and using it elsewhere in your facility. However, Span-Track wheel beds do not require such time-consuming reorganization.

Much like our Span-Track roller lanes, UNEX's universal wheel beds offer great near-frictionless flow without sacrificing surface area. Unlike our roller lanes, your carton widths are not restricted by the width of the wheel bed. This is an ideal solution for an operation that requires replacing or adding SKUs for their upcoming seasonal promotions. With our wheel beds, you wouldn't have to worry about whether or not the boxes of Pop-Ice were the same size as Kraft Stove Top Stuffings- just replace the stuffing with the unfrozen popsicles and keep on picking!


If you've got a seasonal merchandise scheme in place, chances are you'll be struggling with rotating and replacing your SKUs. Get in touch with one of our Pickologists and make those struggles a thing of the past. If you're still unsure of whether Span-Track wheel beds are right for you, you can request a sample and test it out in your own pallet racks!


Posted by: UNEX