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Solution Spotlight: Gravity Conveyor


What is a gravity conveyor?

A gravity conveyor is a conveyor track that does not require power to move items. This type of conveyor uses the force of gravity to move loads on a pitched conveying surface. Most gravity conveyors are roller or wheel-based. Gravity conveyors are a durable and practical way to facilitate the movement of goods throughout a manufacturing facility, warehouse, or order fulfillment center. Using the natural force of gravity and designed to save space, companies can significantly cut costs by using gravity conveyors throughout their operations.

UNEX-Gravity-Conveyer-1UNEX Gravity Conveyors

UNEX gravity conveyors keep items moving in an organized manner throughout your facility. UNEX gravity conveyors are flexible, rugged, low-maintenance, and suitable for transporting multiple-sized boxes, cases, cartons, or totes. With a wide range of options, including multiple lengths, widths, and roller and wheel conveyor styles, UNEX gravity conveyors seamlessly integrate into your existing infrastructure, streamlining processes and maximizing efficiency.

UNEX Gravity Conveyor Benefits

  • Replace high-maintenance conveyor solutions with rugged, low-maintenance gravity conveyors
  • Improve efficiency and throughput
  • Gain access to an extensive line of roller and wheel conveyor solutions
  • Save time and money with lengths manufactured to the inch, providing flexibility for almost any situation


All About UNEX Gravity Conveyors

Durable, efficient gravity conveyors easily move loads through a facility. UNEX offers an extensive line of roller and wheel conveyor solutions that are easy to install, made to order, and proven to significantly increase warehouse efficiency and throughput.

Gravity Conveyor Key Features

  • All steel construction for increased durability
  • Optional aluminum construction
  • Available in multiple standard widths
  • Available in straight lengths up to 144″
  • 45° and 90° curves available
  • Numerous spur options to suit most layouts
  • Manual and spring-assisted personnel gates
  • Available with square cut ends for permanent installations, notched ends for dropping onto beams, and coped ends for temporary hook and bar layouts
  • Straight and curved sections are available for ultimate flexibility 
  • End treatments, including package stops, impact plates, and hook and bars
  • Height adjustable H-Supports for permanent installation
  • Powder-coated Steel Tripod supports for temporary installs
  • Easy to install

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Types of Gravity Conveyor

UNEX-Gravity-Conveyor-SW-1UNEX Skatewheel Gravity Conveyor

Skatewheel gravity conveyor (also known as “SW” gravity conveyor) is ideally suited to convey lightweight packages. Skatewheel gravity conveyors can be used in operations that require portable or temporary conveyor lines such as warehousing or shipping areas.


  • Width: 12", 15", 18", and 24" OAW
  • Frame: 2-1/2" deep x 1" flange x 12 ga. galvanized steel or 0.112" extruded aluminum channel with bolt in cross braces
  • Couplings: Hooks on one end, studs on opposite end. NOTE: Steel conveyor available without couplings for permanent installations
  • Lengths: 10 ft. and 5 ft. straight sections. Special lengths available.
  • Wheels: 1-15/16" dia. with ball bearings in hardened raceway. Zinc-plated steel or corrosion-resistant aluminum.
  • Axles: 1/4" dia. steel, threaded one end with locknut, spaced on 3" centers. Spacers are zinc-plated steel.


Load Capacity Chart - Skatewheel

UNEX-Gravity-Conveyor-light-weight-JRSUNEX Light-Duty Roller Conveyor

UNEX light-duty conveyors are made of 1.38” diameter rollers. They are ideally suited to convey lightweight packages. These roller conveyors work well for operations that require portable or temporary conveyor lines, such as warehousing or shipping areas. 


  • Width: 12", 15", 18", and 24" OAW
  • Frame: 2-1/2" deep x 1" flange x 12 ga. galvanized steel or 0.112" extruded aluminum channel with bolt in cross braces 
  • Couplings: Hooks one end, studs on opposite end. NOTE: Steel conveyor available without couplings for permanent installations - Add “SE” suffix to conveyor part number for square cut side channels.
  • Lengths: 10 ft. and 5 ft. straight sections. Special lengths available.
  • Rollers: 1-3/8" dia. x 18 ga. galvanized steel or .058" heat-treated aluminum tubing. Oiled ball bearings both ends.
  • Axles: 1/4" dia. steel, spring loaded for easy installation or removal, spaced on 1-1/2", 3", 4-1/2", or 6" centers. 


Load Capacity Chart - 1.38

UNEX-Gravity-Conveyor-heavy-weight-MRSUNEX Heavy-Duty Roller Conveyor 

UNEX heavy-duty conveyors are made of 1.9” diameter rollers and are primarily used to convey medium to heavyweight packages in permanent installations.


  • Width: 12", 18", 24", 30", and 36" nominal OAW. Actual OA Width is 1/2" less.
  • Frame: 3-1/2" deep x 1-1/4" flange x 12 ga. galvanized steel channel with bolt-in cross braces
  • Couplings: Optional bolt-in butt couplers.
  • Lengths: 10 ft. and 5 ft. straight sections. Special lengths available.
  • Rollers: 1.9" dia. x 16 ga. galvanized steel tubing. Oiled ball bearings both ends.
  • Axles: 7/16" hex steel, spring loaded for easy installation or removal on 3", 4-1/2", or 6" centers. 


Load Capacity Chart - 1.9

Tailoring UNEX Gravity Conveyor to Your Needs

In addition to straight sections, UNEX offers different support options as well as the option to add curves, spurs, gates, and accessories to accommodate the needs of your specific applications.

gravity-conveyor-curveCurves: UNEX curves are compatible with their straight section counterparts. Meaning, that skatewheel curves are compatible with skatewheel straight sections, for example. Gravity conveyor curves are used to allow flexibility on conveyor lines. UNEX offers curves in all 3 of our gravity conveyor types.


UNEX-Conveyor-SpursSpurs: UNEX spurs are used to transfer product from one conveyor line to another. They can be used for merging or diverging applications and are offered in our skatewheel and 1.38” diameter roller conveyor types.



UNEX-GRAVITY-GATE-1Gates: Gates allow workers or equipment to pass through your conveyor line without having to trek all the way around. For businesses with longer accumulation times, gates make for a much-needed accessory. Gates are typically placed either in the middle or closer to an exit aisle on your conveyor to reduce the amount of travel for warehouse personnel or equipment. Gates are available for UNEX Skatewheel, Light-Duty (JRS), and Heavy-Duty (MRS) series conveyors. 

UNEX gates are spring-assisted, which helps reduce the force required to open the gate. They’re also adjustable to ensure that minimal weight is required when lifting. Gates can also speed up exits from the warehouse in the event of safety concerns. Ultimately, you get a solution that means workers are spending less time moving about your facility and using less energy to work through their tasks.

Supports: UNEX offers 2 key types of supports; permanent and portable. Our heavy-duty gravity conveyor (MRS) is meant to be outfitted with permanent supports only. Our skatewheel and JRS roller conveyors can accommodate permanent or portable supports. Here are the options we offer:

  • “H” Type Permanent Floor Supports: For use with skatewheel (SW) or 1.38" diameter roller conveyor (JRS)
  • “H” Type Permanent Floor Supports: For use with 1.9" diameter roller conveyor (MRS)
  • Portable Tripod Supports: For use with skatewheel (SW) or 1.38" diameter roller conveyor (JRS) 

Gravity Conveyor Accessories

Gravity Conveyor Stops

Stops are an end treatment used for bringing packages to a controlled rest along gravity conveyor lines. They are helpful at the end of a line where products are being pushed to a staging area before the next process begins. UNEX offers three different types of gravity conveyor stops:


Package Stop: "Dead" type package stops are placed on light-duty skatewheel or roller conveyor sections. They help bring items to a controlled rest and are a go-to option for businesses that want an easier way to lift or stop their products.


UNEX-Gravity-Conveyor-Fixed-Angle-End-StopFixed Angle End Stop: Fixed angle end stops mount to the end of gravity conveyors and bolt to the top flange of the side channels. Fixed angle end stops are available in all standard conveyor widths. 



Roller Stop: Roller stops support loads while pulling products from the end of gravity conveyor sections. Roller stops are especially beneficial for heavy products, as they help ease pressure as items are picked from the end of the line.


Conveyor stops help prevent product damage by ensuring items come to a slow stop. They help streamline packing, kitting, and other processes needed to complete orders. This easy-to-install accessory helps facilitate the flow of items on your gravity conveyors and creates an organized system for collecting and holding items so they can be redirected accordingly.

Gravity Conveyor Guard Rails

Whether you need straight or curved sections or guard rails for one or both sides, UNEX guard rails are custom-made to your desired specifications.

gravity-conveyor-fixed-angle-guard-railFixed Angle Guard Rail: Fixed angle guard rail prevents loads from falling off the sides of a gravity conveyor. UNEX fixed-angle guard rail can be toed in or out depending on your needs. Fixed-angle guard rail may not be for you if you’re handling top-heavy products, as the rail isn’t always high enough to prevent items from from falling.


gravity-conveyor-adjustable-guard-railAdjustable Guard Rail: If you’re dealing with larger items, UNEX adjustable guard rail is likely what you need. If you’re flowing products over 1’ tall with a considerable weight, adjustable guard rails give you peace of mind knowing these items aren’t in jeopardy of falling off. Adjustable guard rail not only gives you a taller guard to keep larger items flowing smoothly and safely, but it also accommodates products that are wider than the conveyor itself. All UNEX guard rails are shipped loose for simple field mounting.

Gravity Conveyor Ball Transfer Tables

ball-transfer-tableBall transfer tables enable workers to easily push items in the right direction without much force required. This is especially useful with heavier items, as they ease of multi-directional movement with little effort and can make a huge difference for warehouses and fulfillment centers.

UNEX ball transfer tables help you position material precisely and make it easy to take tight turns when curves aren’t possible. When products need to be manually rotated or positioned, this accessory makes it easy to do so without any heavy lifting required. Customers transferring items from two adjacent conveyor lines will have an easier time fulfilling orders with the use of UNEX ball transfer tables.

Features of UNEX ball transfer tables include:

  • 9 standard conveyor widths
  • 3 ball centers
  • Galvanized steel side frames
  • Balls set high (for set low - add angle guard rail)
  • By reducing the time and energy needed to move objects from one station to the next, our ball transfer tables enable you to speed up order fulfillment, increase productivity, and optimize operations across the board.

Discover the Difference with UNEX Gravity Conveyors

As an agile, versatile, and cost-effective solution designed to replace worn, outdated, and/or high-maintenance conveyor solutions, UNEX gravity conveyors position you well for whatever the future holds. At UNEX, we’re committed to working closely with you to ensure our gravity conveyors are tailor-made to suit your needs. Connect with the experts at UNEX to discover how our gravity conveyors can help you increase operational efficiency throughout any operation.

The UNEX Guide to Understanding Throughput for Fulfillment will help you save time and space in your facility.