Spotlight on Span-Track

As an industry leader, UNEX is known for many things. Our biggest calling card by far, however, is Span-Track.

Developed by UNEX, Span-Track is the industry’s original carton flow track. It’s pretty much the root of everything we do. Available in full-width roller lanes and universal wheel beds, Span-Track is the industry’s most-trusted carton flow solution.

Those that are familiar with UNEX are intimately familiar with Span-Track. However, there are some things about Span-Track that you might not be familiar with that we’re excited to showcase at ProMat next week at the UNEX Booth 1238.

Like last year’s MODEX Show, we will have our ProMat booth set up like a mini-museum, complete with case studies. It’s one thing to see the product on its own, but it’s quite another to view the product through the lens of a successfully completed case study. Not only will you get the full feel for Span-Track, you can also see how Span-Track worked for a previous customer and get one-on-one face time with one of our Pickologists who can explain how we can put Span-Track to work for you too.

Of course, we know that no two projects are alike. What worked for George J Falter Co. might not work in your warehouse. That is why we’re so excited about a recent change we’ve made to our Span-Track line, which was the addition of light-duty and heavy-duty capacity lanes to compliment our standard-duty Span-Track.

Today there is an option of 20, 50 or 100-pounds per foot. So those companies that are storing products that don’t require 50 pounds of storage capacity no longer have to pay for the additional material. It’s just another way to ensure that customers are getting exactly what they need, instead of having them tailor their needs to what we have available.

So be sure to stop by the UNEX Booth 1238 at ProMat because seeing is believing. And, as always, Pick Smarter. Pick Better. Pick UNEX.

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