UNEX Exhibits at the Logistics Summit & Expo 2019 in Mexico




The Logistic Summit & Expo is the leading logistics event in Mexico and Latin America, to be held March 13 & 14, 2019 in Mexico City. UNEX Manufacturing will be exhibiting numerous order picking solutions, including our patented carton flow solution, Span-Track, in booth #1900.

Over 16,500 attendees visit the show from companies in the food & beverage, pharmaceutical, retail, chemical, apparel, automotive and logistics industries. Lectures delivered by well-known industry executives will present the latest trends, best practices and successful case studies. Speakers include industry analysts, academia and supply chain executives from companies, such as Baxter and Pepsico.

UNEX will be exhibiting their carton flow rack system, Span-Track, that optimizes picking operations within the warehouse by decreasing travel time and increasing throughput by 150%.

The time-tested solution offers durability to support products like no other carton flow. It easily attaches to existing pallet racks with a drop-in design for easy installation.

Span-Track improves efficiency by delivering cases to order pickers in a first-in, first-out (FIFO) inventory operation, guaranteeing the freshness of products by picking the items stored first, and newer items picked last. UNEX Flow Cells are one of the best ways to boost productivity, improve ergonomics, eliminate waste and maximize space. UNEX SpeedCell is a dynamic, high-density storage solution designed to speed order picking and maximize warehouse space utilization.

With the booming e-commerce market, many big companies like Amazon and DHL have opened warehouses in Latin America to better service customers. Other American businesses have relocated their manufacturing facilities to Mexico to take advantage of a skilled workforce, improving infrastructure, and proximity to the United States. Many of these companies will be in attendance at the Logistics Summit & Expo – to learn about the latest solutions for order picking, storage and material handling – like those from UNEX Manufacturing. Visit booth #1900 on March 13 & 14.

Posted by: UNEX