UNEX Manufacturing at Southern Automotive Conference

UNEX Manufacturing, Inc., the trusted industry leader in providing innovative order picking solutions, will be exhibiting at The Southern Automotive Conference (SAC) trade show on October 18-20, 2015 in Nashville, Tennessee. UNEX will showcase their material handling and assembly solutions in Booth 629 at the trade show. For automotive companies who need to rethink their assembly process to improve efficiencies, UNEX has the lineside storage products needed to improve visibility, space utilization and accessibility at pick points.

“With automotive companies offering near unlimited options within their vehicles, manufacturers need to be able to adapt quickly for these customizations, yet often have limited space within their warehouses and manufacturing facilities for pallets and parts storage,” said Brian Neuwirth, VP Sales and Marketing, UNEX Manufacturing Inc. “Using UNEX Flow Cell solutions, manufacturers have the ability to store the additional SKUs in the same footprint as their existing assembly area. Instead of palletized or drum storage, many manufacturers have begun using totes. Where one or two pallets used to be, now 7 or 8 totes can be stored with the additional options.”

For example, UNEX custom designed a flow rack system that eliminated an entire parts aisle by increasing storage density for Toyotetsu, a metal frame parts manufacturer for the automotive industry. They also doubled the length of the storage racks, tightened up spaces between roller chutes and integrated the new flow rack system into an existing one. The new flow rack system gave the plant 10 percent more floor space to accommodate a 30 percent increase in business.

The Southern Automotive Conference is presented jointly each year by the automotive manufacturing associations of Alabama (AAMA), Tennessee (TAMA) and Mississippi (MAMA). Educational sessions will cover best practices and innovations happening in the automotive industry including fuel efficiency, collaboration, manufacturing, education and workforce programs. Visit Booth 629 to learn more about UNEX solutions for automotive manufacturers.

Posted by: UNEX