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UNEX SKUBE Software Sorts Slot and Storage Efficiency

The more efficient an operation is, the more profitable it is. Finding your peak efficiency is often the hardest part to managing storage and your order picking system. Through Unex, one of the ways you can do that is with our SKUBE software. One of our representatives will analyze your existing inventory data and recommend the most efficient ways to slot and store products. Some items work better in an open carton flow bed, while others move more efficiently in a unit with defined lanes.

Our SKUBE software sorts through all of the important factors, like carton size, height and weight, as well as what products are in high demand, to determine what should go where in what type of carton flow set-up for maximum efficiency. The easier and faster the product moves in the order picking process, the more efficient the operation. The software program helps you determine how to do that.

In both stand-alone and integrated systems, one of the key concepts is to pick products that are highest in demand with the least effort and time involved. The carton size impacts the type of storage used. A carton that is heavy, tall and wide is harder to pick than a light carton that can easily be grabbed with two hands. As a result, setting  up the picking system so that the products are easier to maneuver improves efficiency.

For example, rather than the order picker reaching further back to access products, use a shelf bed with roller racks. These continually move product to the front of the pick face. This helps the worker to expend less energy and shorten the reach, increasing efficiency. Depending on the weight and size of the carton, different types of shelving are more efficient than others. Using weight analysis, the SKUBE software can determine the maximum number of cartons to go on each type of shelf most efficiently without over-burdening the system. The carton length affects the roll center of the product and how quickly it moves through the gravity conveyor system. Product height also determines the minimum amount of space needed to efficiently store the carton. As a result, the type of unit and amount of space needed between each shelf determines the most efficient set-up. Our Unex representatives can help you determine how to implement any changes in the most cost-efficient manner.

Last, but not least, the placement of the movers and shakers in inventory not only need optimized placement, but regular reloading of cartons. These factors should be coordinated.  For more information about our SKUBE sku placement strategy storage systems, contact our office today.