Build endless designs of your Flow Cell

The UNEX Flow Cell was named one of Material Handling Product News Reader’s Choice Products of the Year in 2018. We are very proud of this award, especially since readers of the magazine chose us. Here’s why we think we were selected for this prestigious award:

  • UNEX Flow Cells are made of heavy gauge steel and support up to 1000 lbs. per level, which is much stronger than tube and joint flow rack systems.
  • Our Flow Cells can be assembled in countless variations to meet any specifications. UNEX Flow Cells can be configured as workstations for assembly operations, lineside storage racks to hold parts for assemblies, tilted pick shelves for easy picking of products, mobile carts for picking operations in any location, and more.
  • Assembles in less than an hour, saving time, compared to tube and joint structures, which take several hours to assemble.
  • Industry leading 7-year warranty
  • Ergonomically designed to reduce fatigue and injury. Products on shelves flow easily forward so you don’t have to reach and possibly strain any muscles.
  • Tons of accessories including:
  • Galvanized steel work bench - 12” or 18” deep
  • Angled add-on Pick Tray
  • Overhead tool bar holds accessories, tools, lights
  • Pick shelves - Galvanized steel, available in tilted and flat, up to 60" deep
  • Increase production efficiency by 30% and space utilization by 50%

One of the best things about our Flow Cells is our Flow Cell Configurator, which allows you to easily build your own Flow Cell solution. The Configurator lets you select the dimensions you need, track types and accessories. Send the design to UNEX and you will receive a 3D drawing of your design complete with a bill of materials. Examples of different configurations are included if you don’t want to start from scratch.

 Start a Flow Cell Configuration

Retailers are using UNEX Flow Cells to improve packing operations. The Flow Cell holds products in the right sequence to prevent errors in the packing process. Workbenches can be added to hold boxes as workers add packing materials, which are neatly stored on shelves. Packing stations can be connected to a conveyor, so once boxes are packed, they can be immediately transported to the shipping area, saving workers time without having to walk to another department. Packing stations made of UNEX Flow Cells keep finished orders moving out for shipment so workers can begin to pack the next carton, helping to improve productivity and fulfillment times.

Assembly operations benefit from UNEX Flow Cells, which can be used as lineside storage to hold numerous parts for sub-assemblies. Lineside storage keeps parts close by for quick picking. One automotive manufacturer uses UNEX Flow Cell workstations to help workers efficiently complete small assembly tasks, such as welding components, modifying doors or pre-assembling axles. Individuals work from a convenient work table with parts, lights and tools all within reach. Workers don’t have to move around to different locations to find things. Workstation designs ensure a safe, ergonomic pick since parts flow directly to the individual. This particular automotive assembly operations had previously used pipe and joint structures, but found that when they needed to reconfigure the racks that it hours, even days, to rebuild the racks. When they replaced these with UNEX Flow Cells, well, here is what they said, “Before Flow Cell, if we had to add a bin, it was like an act of Congress to pull the rack apart, cut new tubes and install the new rack. With Flow Cell, we only have to stock four parts because the racks are modular. We standardized to a 48-inch beam with a 32-inch depth, and the beams are interchangeable. We can swap out parts or expand racks with simple tools and have the line up and running in no time flat.”









Posted by: UNEX