Being a Business Superhero

When I was growing up, I used to love reading superhero comic books. I really enjoyed reading about Superman, Spider-Man, Batman, Captain America and all of the other champions of justice. They were my idols during my formative years and I always aspired to be like them. True, I can’t fly, swing from building to building and I don’t have a secret cave underneath my house, but I can emulate those heroes in other, more subtle ways.

As I got older, I started to realize that these heroes all had things in common beyond their actual powers. All of them stood up for the greater good and used their powers to protect and inspire, rather than for their own personal gain.

I’ve been thinking a lot about superheroes lately, because UNEX is scheduled to attend and exhibit at MHEDA’s 59th Annual Convention in Orlando, Florida, early next month. The theme for the Convention is “Superhero Leadership” and the speakers and sessions are designed to inspire attendees to cultivate and grow the superheroes within their own company. UNEX has created its very own superhero to bring to the convention- Graviton.

To me, there are five characteristics that make up a “superhero leader.”

• Leaders must be passionate

• Leaders must be confident

• Leaders must be persuasive

• Leaders must inspire

• Leaders must be decisive

Even when you strip away the supernatural elements of the comic book heroes, they still fit these five criteria. Here at UNEX, we strive to represent these ideals every day. Our managers and executives are “superhero leaders” and all of them are empowered to make decisions on behalf of the company to improve our customer experiences. Because leadership can’t only come from the top. After all, where would Batman be without Robin or Commissioner Gordon?

While MHEDA’s Convention theme has had me reflecting on my childhood heroes, our incredible marketing team was also inspired. In the next couple of weeks, keep your eyes out for comic strips featuring our very own UNEX Superhero Graviton. Born from the steel of our Gravity Conveyor, Graviton is a modern material handling superhero. As the convention approaches, we will delve deeper into Graviton’s back story. You won’t want to miss it.

Posted by: UNEX