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Ask the Space Wizard: Can I Buy Individual Components to Build My Own Flow Racks?

The short answer? Yes - you can purchase individual components from UNEX to build your own flow racks. Posts andunex-space-wizard beams for solutions like Roller Rack and FlowCell can be ordered piece by piece (or in bulk) in your desired dimensions within product specifications.

This is one of the reasons why UNEX flow racks are so versatile. However, we typically recommend working with our team of space optimization experts to ensure you’re creating the best solution possible to meet your unique needs. To create a truly successful solution that is purpose-built for your facility, you should always consult with our team of product specialists and engineers.

Working with UNEX on a custom flow rack configuration ensures the best results for your application. By collaborating with a space optimization specialist instead of ordering individual or bulk parts, you will:

  • Avoid overpaying for parts you don’t need.
  • Ensure you are designing the best-suited solution for your specific application.
  • Get free engineering support from the experts at UNEX.


The Top 3 Reasons to Create Custom Flow Racks with UNEX

1. Avoid overpaying for parts you don’t need.

When buying components in bulk, it is very easy to over-order. This is especially true of UNEX flow racks, which more effectively consolidate storage space compared to static storage racks, and thus, require a far smaller footprint. For example, UNEX’s Roller Rack solution can create storage bays that are seven times denser than static pallet rack bays. Without a proper understanding of how implementing this solution will transform the layout of your operation, it’s very possible to overestimate your equipment needs and spend more money than necessary.

Working with UNEX space optimization experts ensures your solution is designed to your exact needs, eliminating any guesswork in the process and helping you save money.

2. Your engineered solution will be designed for your specific application.

Opting for a customized solution instead of bulk ordering components ensures that your specific points of pain will be effectively addressed. While there may be many businesses like yours, no two applications are the same - every building, workforce, and operational strategy has unique strengths and weaknesses that can be complemented or addressed with an effective flow rack solution. 


Collaborating on an application with a UNEX space optimization expert helps you ensure your unique points of pain will be corrected by a flow rack solution. With decades of experience in smart space solutions, the UNEX team can provide unique insight and proven expertise that keeps products flowing to the point of pick efficiently, eliminating any guesswork. You’ll also be able to create a solution that scales in scope as your business grows. By working with a UNEX specialist, you’ll be able to create a flow rack that can be replicated into multiple bays, enhanced correctly with accessories, and expanded in a way that accommodates your growing inventory and changing processes.

3. UNEX engineers support you throughout the design process - free of charge.

Possibly the best reason to order a complete solution instead of individual components is the complimentary engineering support you will receive. Along with providing CAD layouts of your solution, UNEX engineers will ensure your flow racks have the dimensions, weight capacity, accessories, and other components you need to effectively implement the solution in your facility. The team at UNEX can also provide guidance on how to scale your solution up, how to integrate your flow racks with other processes, and how to fully optimize your storage space.

If you’re ready to start designing the customized solution you need, you can utilize the UNEX Flow Cell Configurator to create a 3D flow rack based on your specifications. You can also create a flow rack using our pre-engineered Roller Rack solution. UNEX space optimization experts will then work with you to turn your configuration into a game-changing storage solution for your business. 

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If you need guidance to get started on your custom flow rack, you can always contact the space optimization experts at UNEX and start building your custom flow rack immediately.