FlowCell Partition, a Multi-functional Temperature Screening Station

UNEX FlowCell Partition | Temperature Screening Station | Kiosk

This versatile partition can be used as a temperature screening kiosk now and converted into a standard flow rack later.

The COVID-19 global pandemic has sent shock waves through our society. We have seen a historical shift in behavior and best practices for worker safety that is reshaping the way we work. Companies are being forced to rethink production on the factory floor, how to maximize order fulfillment in the warehouse, and what delivery options look like in a post-COVID-19 world.

As essential businesses continue to operate at never-before-seen peak levels and other businesses begin to re-open in their new normal, UNEX has recognized the need for a practical and cost-effective safety shield that can serve a multitude of needs.

Enter: FlowCell Partition - a movable temperature screening station that offers major versatility and can be used across a variety of applications. Whether you are looking to distance work spaces in your facility or protect employees and customers from making direct contact with one another, this partition is a one-size-fits-all solution that can also be repurposed into a standard flow rack once distancing measures are no longer needed.*

Our space optimization specialists have been working around the clock and making many modifications to our standard processes to adhere to distancing measures in an effort to continue providing customers with much-needed supply chain solutions like flow racks, carton flow, high-density storage solutions, and more. As an essential business ourselves, we have been taking every precaution to keep our employees and customers safe. This temperature screening station is a direct result of that notion. UNEX has been screening every person who enters our facility and, like us, our customers have been seeking a partition that can allow them to do the same. We saw a large demand from many customers, especially our large eCommerce players, and thus, FlowCell Partition was born.

"Necessity is the mother invention. When we needed a temperature-taking barrier for our own employees, we went with what we know; FlowCell combined with some sewn vinyl, similar to our SpeedCell line. The partition was a pretty simple solution to create, thanks to the versatility of our FlowCell product line that we can reconfigure as our needs change. When the pandemic is over, we'll be able to unbolt this and transform it back into a traditional flow rack." - Dave Scelfo, Director of Marketing and Business Development

This modular partition is a physical barrier that separates employees from customers or other employees. It has ports on two sides that allow for IR temperature screening or communication. Made from standard FlowCell components, the only new part of this structure is the actual screen. This low-cost partition offers many benefits, especially since it can be reconfigured into FlowCell flow rack down the line. For now, it will give our customers the ability to come back online more easily knowing that they have the tools they need to do so safely.

When looking to implement temperature screening stations or work space partitions and considering how you might repurpose them in the future, it is important to know there are a variety of applications in which FlowCell thrives. Our FlowCell product line has always been marked by its inherent modularity and FlowCell Partition is no exception. FlowCell gravity flow racks can increase space utilization up to 50% and have been hugely beneficial in a variety of applications including lineside storage, sub assembly stations, manufacturing supermarkets, and modular mobile carts. Creating a FlowCell solution is within reach and using our powerful FlowCell product configurator tool (it’s FREE!) can spark some ideas for how you might re-purpose the partition in the future.

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Temperature Screening Station Features and Benefits:

  • Durable, transparent screen provides visibility to scan customers and/or employees safely.
  • The screen is made from 18ga water clear water mesh, a thick and heavy material that provides superior protection and is easy to clean with a mild soap and water solution.
  • 3 separate screening ports (on each side) allow for screening people of different heights.
  • Removable flaps make it easy to routinely sanitize the screen.
  • Casters make it easy to roll the temperature screening station out of the way when it is not in use.
  • Multiple units nest to save space when storing more than one partition.
  • Dual-sided screen allows for multiple screening lines.
  • Can be reconfigured into a traditional FlowCell flow rack with the purchase of tracks and some additional components.

If you’re interested in learning more about this versatile partition for the workplace, click here to learn more. If you have specific questions about our FlowCell family of products, you can click here to connect with a space optimization specialist. Our team of experts will be happy to help.

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*Additional components for re-configuring FlowCell Partition into a FlowCell flow rack are sold separately.

Posted by: UNEX