Graviton Descends Upon MHEDA

Last week we introduced the world and the industry to Graviton. MHEDA’s Convention theme this year is “Superhero Leadership,” and with the entire industry in superhero mode, Graviton emerged from the shadows to provide our industry with a hero that can bring order to the chaos and provide the leadership our industry deserves.

But who is this caped mystery man? Details about Graviton are still scarce, but we know that he will be making an appearance in Orlando at the MHEDA Convention. Stop by the UNEX Booth during Monday’s exhibitors’ showcase and showcase happy hour to learn more about the new UNEX and the supernatural forces behind it.


Inspired by Graviton? We’re giving you the opportunity to be just like him. Unleash your inner superhero at the UNEX booth, as we have a caricaturist that will be joining us and drawing booth attendees as superheroes. Each portrait takes about five minutes and will be broadcast live to the rest of the show via LCD monitor. After the show, we will email you the jpeg of the file so that you can always remember yourself at your most heroic. We also plan on sharing the cartoons via social media after the show.


We’re very excited about Convention. It’s a wonderful place to network and make new friends and connections throughout our industry. If you’re planning on attending, please stop by the UNEX booth, meet our superhero Pickologists, and unleash your inner superhero. It will be a great time.


Posted by: UNEX