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Improve Efficiency of Split Case Order Picking


Whenever we talk about improving efficiency in a warehouse, we are almost always talking about how to improve the speed and accuracy of your order picking.

Companies that are selling products that require split case picking or each picking are especially prone to inefficient storage and therefore slower picking if they don’t have the proper rack design.

In a traditional rack layout, a picker that has to fulfill a split-case order is essentially going into a box blind. The box and the shelf above it prevents the picker from seeing into the box which, can often lead to slower picks- as the picker roots around in the box to find what they are looking for- or worse, in accurate picks- as the picker reaches into the box and accidentally grabs the wrong item. And sometimes, even if the picker finds the right item right away, it still takes longer than it should because of the maneuvering required to pull the item. For example, say you’re at a liquor store buying a bottle of wine. The wine is in a case on the bottom shelf. You must pull the bottle out of the box and then twist and maneuver the bottle between the top of the box and the bottom of the shelf above it. There has to be a better way!

And there is. Several better ways, as a matter of fact. The first solution would be utilizing a layback order picking method. Layback shelving kind of looks like a Christmas tree or a Pyramid. The bottom shelf comes out furthest from the rack with each successive level being slightly more recessed. This recessed space provides an unobstructed window, which allows the picker to not only see into the box but also to pull the item out easily and efficiently.

Another solution, similar to the layback, is a tray or knuckle shelf solution. This solution utilizes trays that attach to the shelf and slope down to present the box at a 35-degree angle. Like the layback solution, this angle allows a flawless view into the box and an unobstructed space to pick out.

Utilizing these split-case order picking solutions will result in faster pick times and increased order accuracy. To speak with a UNEX Pickologist about your company’s split-case order picking needs, contact us today.