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Order Picking Perfection

Today’s supply chain complexities make the fulfillment of orders multifaceted due to consumer demands for quick deliveries, large volumes of smaller quantity orders, and reliance on overseas suppliers. Because of these challenges, order picking must be completed perfectly every time.

The Supply Chain Council describes perfect order fulfillment as “a discrete measurement defined as the percentage of orders delivered to the right place, with the right product, at the right time, in the right condition, in the right package, in the right quantity, with the right documentation, to the right customer, with the correct invoice.” Failure to meet any of these conditions results in a less than perfect order.

The Warehouse Education and Research Council (WERC) also created a definition of a perfect order as an order that is:

  • Complete
  • Delivered on time
  • Damage free
  • Correct Documentation and Pricing/Invoicing

To increase the chances of a complete order, warehouse workers can use pick-to-light, voice-picking, or barcode systems to confirm item numbers and quantities to ensure orders are correctly fulfilled. Of course, this requires accurate inventory levels to avoid out-of-stocks.

each order picking

To perfect on-time delivery, advanced shipping notices and mobile computers that can quickly scan barcodes or the use of RFID can reduce the time it takes to receive a load. GPS devices can track trucks to monitor deliveries.

Mobile proof of delivery systems can take pictures of items to show they were delivered damage-free while capturing a signature upon delivery. Using proper packing materials also helps to eliminate damage during shipment.

To ensure the correct and accurate documentation is used, warehouse workers can scan each item in a shipment to ensure a complete order and to support accurate invoicing.

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Getting a complete order, delivered on time with the proper paperwork and without damage makes your customers happy. To facilitate perfect order picking, you need to have products in storage in the right order, stacked neatly and in reach.

Luckily, UNEX can help you get there. We provide:
  • Slotting analysis that optimizes the locations of your SKUs, stacking and storing them for maximum throughput and storage density.
  • Solutions like SpanTrack carton flow keep SKUs at the point of pick, cutting down picking times for quick turnaround and fast delivery.
  • Rollers and wheel beds minimize damage to products and boxes by reducing imprinting from conveyance surfaces.

Are you missing the final piece in your perfect order picking puzzle? Contact UNEX and find out how to achieve perfection.

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