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Ask a Space Optimization Specialist: Roller Rack

“I am looking to expand storage above my mezzanine. What would you recommend I use for that?” -Ed B.

Adding storage above or directly below a mezzanine is an interesting proposition. Because these are areas where forklifts generally can’t or don’t go, there is no need for pallet storage above the rack. In that case, it doesn’t make sense to pay for the heavy-duty capability of the pallet rack. We would recommend using a UNEX Roller Rack flow rack solution.


Roller Rack is a relatively new product for UNEX but one that we’re very excited about. It’s a gravity flow rack system that provides carton flow for various storage mediums in the order picking process. UNEX Roller Rack optimizes efficiency, safety, and FIFO rotation on the pick line. Implementing Roller Rack allows you to replenish inventory from the back without interrupting the pick line in front. Our flow racks are proven to maximize pick efficiency, speed pick rates, reduce travel time, and optimize space all without the additional costs associated with pallet racks due to the lower steel requirement.

Roller Rack is pre-engineered, and comes in 4ft. or 8ft. widths, and 4ft., 6ft., and 8ft. depths. Your flow rack will be equipped with the most durable carton in the industry, SpanTrack, with roller or wheel bed options with straight or knuckled end treatments. Knuckled end treatments will improve product visibility and reduce strain on workers.

The modular design of our Roller Racks create maximum flexibility, they're easy to assemble and add on to. The knock-down design reduces freight costs and damage. To see Roller Rack in action, check out this case study of George J. Falter Co.

Call a UNEX Space Optimization Expert today at 1-800-334-UNEX for more information about Roller Rack or any other UNEX solutions.

Build a Roller Rack - Our Pre-Configured Gravity Flow Rack System