Off to the Races!

The UNEX family works hard. The summer months can get a little crazy, and it's not always easy for us to get together and enjoy each other's company outside of the office. It's important to build connections with your coworkers beyond those forged by the demands of your career. That's why UNEX has scheduled several activities this summer that aim to bring us all closer together- and maybe win a little dough while doing it.

This Saturday, the UNEX Manufacturing family will be bringing their luck to Monmouth Park for a day of sun, fun, and screaming for your 12-1 underdog to bring it home. This outing isn't just about blowing off some steam, however. UNEX is continuing its celebration of fifty years as a worldwide leader in the carton flow industry. This trip is meant to celebrate and appreciate all those who have worked their tails off to help UNEX achieve all it has over the past five decades.

RAC: 08-01 Haskell Invitational Day


Our trip to Monmouth Park is also about family. Recently, our marketing manager Dave Scelfo conducted a core value survey, asking each and every employee to select a top ten and top three in personal values. Dave wanted to know what drives us to come to work and be the best we can possibly be in what we do. When the results came in, we learned that family, by a large margin, is the most important and influential value our team holds. It was decided then and there that we would not just celebrate the hard work of our employees- we'd also be celebrating their loved ones, who help them consistently succeed and thrive in this industry.

The UNEX team is very excited for this event and the rest of this action-packed summer. We all look forward to getting together with family, friends, and coworkers to celebrate all our hard work and years of success with UNEX Manufacturing- and winning on those 12-1 odds wouldn't hurt either.

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