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Roller Rack: Frustration Free Solutions from UNEX


Purchasing new carton flow solutions isn't always an easy task. If you're in need of both flow rack and the tracks used within, you face multiple hurdles: finding a supplier or manufacturer that can provide both, getting the solution in a timely fashion, and installing the solution quickly and easily. Luckily, UNEX's Roller Rack knocks down all three of these hurdles, bringing a frustration-free carton flow solution to your operation.

Single source supplier.

This rack and track solution is single source, allowing customers to receive Roller Rack in one shipment with one purchase order. This avoids the hassle and headache of getting multiple approvals for a single solution, saves your company money, and ensures that everything you need to get things rolling shows up in one shipment.

Easy assembly and use.

Roller Rack's knock-down design makes it easy to assemble or take apart. Typically, it takes no more than a half-hour to assemble the rack and install the track, ensuring you don't burn a lot of valuable time in your operation. This is a pre-engineered solution, meaning that each and every component is a guaranteed fit.

The beams drop in hard-ware free for easily adjustable levels. The included wheel beds drop onto hangers for easy installation of the carton flow track. Finally, the included Span-Track wheel beds accept boxes and cartons of all sizes, eliminating the need to readjust the solution for a changing product mix.

Build a Solution

Ships quick.

Because the large majority of our solutions are made to order, our typical lead time is two to three weeks, not including transit time. Unfortunately, not everyone can wait that long. Our quick ship Roller Racks, on the other hand, are pre-engineered and in stock. This pushes the lead time down for this solution to one week.

Our Roller Rack quick ship program is specifically designed to eliminate the frustrations involved in purchasing a holistic carton flow solution. But it won't last forever- stock of our 8' x 8' Roller Racks and add-on bays are limited. Click here to get a quote on quick ship Roller Rack while supplies last!

Build a Roller Rack - Our Pre-Configured Gravity Flow Rack System