Solution Spotlight: 100 Series

For most operations, load capacity is no issue for our Span-Track Standard Series. At 50 pounds per linear foot, our 99 Series can take pretty much whatever is thrown at it. There are, however, carton flow operations with products that can really tip the scale. For these operations, a strong, durable solution with a hefty load capacity is required. That's why we've developed our heavy duty Span-Track 100 Series.


100 Series is similar in design to our JRS Gravity Conveyor line, and both products use the same durable steel rollers and skatewheels. However, Gravity Conveyor is used for floor-mounted applications, and can't quite scratch the itch of having heavy duty conveyor in pallet rack. This is where our Span-Track 100 series shines. Its 2.5 inch channel design is specifically tailored to fit your pallet rack beams. It features horizontal flanges, cut to exact dimensions, that allow you to place more lanes on standard pallet rack beams than other heavy duty carton flow conveyors on the market. This means more carton flow in less space, translating to less travel and search time.

Let's talk about the most important feature of our 100 Series- load capacities. Our standard duty Span-Track series has an industry-leading capacity of 50 pounds per linear foot in unsupported spans up to 84 inches. Our heavy duty 100 Series takes that number and doubles it with a capacity of 100 punds per linear foot in unsupported spans up to 96 inches. Span-Track 100 Series' all-steel design helps it stand up to the abuse and stresses of the heaviest of carton flow operations, meaning consistent flow and performance over the years and less damage to the rollers and channels at the load point.


UNEX's Span-Track 100 series also features ball bearings instead of the plastic bushings used in our light and standard duty models. This allows for smoother flow. It also requires less pitch than other carton flow conveyor options. Let's face it- you don't want a 75 pound carton coming at you at a pitch of one inch per foot of rack depth. 100 Series' ball bearings insure a safe flow that won't rocket off the rack or get stuck halfway down the lane.

Our Span-Track 100 Series provides the foundation for our customized Keg-Flow solutions. The steel rollers and channels hold up brilliantly to the stresses caused by the round bottoms and heavy load points of the kegs, and easily handle the 60 pound weight of a 1/6 keg. This solution offers the opportunity to get these kegs from pallet positions on the floor to easy-to-pick carton flow lanes in pallet rack, greatly increasing storage density and space on the floor.

If your operation requires a tough, durable carton flow solution, you can request a quote or sample of our Span-Track 100 Series here.

Posted by: UNEX