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Product Storage: Do More in Less Space with SpeedCell

You’ve heard the business cliché about the need to do more with less? While that usually translates into making people work harder, UNEX now offers a new storage line that actually helps pickers pick more product more safely in less space, with the added benefit of greater accuracy and fewer touches.

speedcell each pick retail

Acquired just last month and now called UNEX SpeedCell, this dynamic high-density storage solution complements our existing product lines to increase SKU density while reducing actual space requirements.  By condensing product storage into a smaller, more easily accessible space, UNEX SpeedCell reduces travel times, improves ergonomics, boosts productivity, and minimizes cost per pick.

UNEX SpeedCell’s flexible pick-and-storage solutions are ideal for e-commerce fulfillment, restocking, seasonal demand, apparel, footwear, cosmetics, and other product categories that handle a large range of small SKU units and each picks.

When you’re facing the pressure of expanding SKU diversity and feeling the squeeze of rapid, on-demand fulfillment requirements, UNEX SpeedCell offers fast, cost-effective relief. Let us show you how to do more in less space.

speedcell on a pick line

UNEX SpeedCell enables high-density storage for small or slow-moving items, allowing you to store more SKUs in less space. When you add a new product line, UNEX SpeedCell can handle the storage without having to expand your real estate. Contact your UNEX SpeedCell Pickologist today.

Posted by: KCupples