UNEX, Assemble!

With only a week and a few hours remaining, UNEX Manufacturing is gearing up to attend the inaugural Assembly Show in Rosemont, Illinois from October 28 through October 30. The Assembly Show is a trade show event bringing together suppliers, designers, and buyers of assembly technology and equipment.
UNEX will be showcasing our assembly solutions at booth 825 throughout the event. The headliner? Our Flow Cell modular flow racks. Flow Cells are ideal for lineside and sub-assembly applications. Our Flow Cells bring a lot of
upside to your operation. By helping in organizing and storing your inventory, Flow Cells can increase space utilization by up to 50%, opening up valuable work space on your assembly lines. Coupling your Flow Cell with UNEX's knuckled Span-Track or tilted pick trays angles your totes or parts towards the worker, resulting in an increase in efficiency of up to 30%.

UNEX's Flow Cell units are up to thirteen times stronger than your typical tube and joint flow rack structures. This
means you can store more product lineside within one rack, saving you even more space on the assembly line. They're simple to assemble, saving you time and manpower when implementing a Flow Cell into your operation. In fact, this blogger managed to put a few together on his own, and had a blast doing it. You can take a look at that experience here.

Most importantly, Flow Cells can be outfitted for any step in the assembly process. These modular flow racks are highly customizable, and can be integrated easily into

your existing processes. Need dynamic storage lineside? Flow Cell can do it. How about a workbench and overhead tool bar for your sub-assembly operations? Flow Cell's got it covered. We have a philosophy at UNEX: "Give us a challenge. We double-dog dare you." UNEX's Flow Cell can be modified to meet almost every challenge you can throw at it.

We look forward to sharing these solutions with the attendees of the Assembly Show. Assembly operations are required by a wide swath of industries across the globe. Whether you're building a car, a plane, a microwave, or a medical device, chances are your operation can use a boost in productivity. UNEX is proud to offer assembly solutions for these industries and more.

Posted by: UNEX