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Space-Saving Gifts for the Space Lover in Your Life

Valentine's Day might look a little different for all of us this year, but it's still an excellent opportunity to let your loved ones know how much they mean to you. Whether you're looking for something fun, sentimental, or practical, we've got a few ideas in our V-Day Gift Guide that'll lighten up your valentine's day and help them save space all year.


Here's our round-up of clever space-saving Valentine's gifts you can conveniently shop for online:
  1. Grids & Guides -  Think creatively by planning and visualizing your space and ideas with the perfect gridded notebook.
  2. Retro Watch - Classic styled water-resistant watch, calculator, and calendar all-in-one.
  3. Stovetop Pizza Oven - Turn your kitchen into a fancy pizzeria without all the bulky equipment.
  4. Foldable Bag - Reusable and durable metallic tote bag that folds to fit in your pocket.
  5. Name a Star - Name a visible star or constellation after your favorite person.
  6. Jewelry Storage - Stay organized, add vertical storage to any surface in your home.
  7. Mini-Waffle Maker - Waffle treats and snacks with this compact design that fits in any small space.
  8. Strategy Game - Use cube utilization to obstruct your opponent's progress in the beautiful wooden game set.
  9. Space Art - Spark endless creativity with one magnetic celestial sculpture.

Most of the items shown above are Prime-eligible on Amazon and should ship in a couple of days.

Call us Cupid, because we love helping you choose the perfect space-saving gift for the space lover in your life! We also love helping businesses across the supply chain identify and implement storage solutions that help transform the space in their facilities. To learn more about UNEX space-saving solutions, click here.

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