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3 Ways High-Density Storage Solutions Can Streamline Order Fulfillment

High-Density Storage

For warehouses, space is a precious resource. Utilizing every square inch of available storage room and having all of your products perfectly organized and accessible is the dream, but making it happen is a different story. In reality, many warehouses are only using roughly 20% of their total space at any given time. 

Order fulfillment is a key driver of your warehouse’s success, but if you overlook the importance of space utilization, you’ll never be able to pick and fulfill orders as efficiently as you’d like. Luckily, the right tools are out there that will help you maximize your existing warehouse space and, in turn, get more orders out the door.

Let’s take a closer look at how dynamic high-density storage solutions like UNEX SpeedCell can help you streamline order fulfillment processes.

Speed Up Pick Times

When your storage solutions are inefficient, so are your workers. When pickers are spending more time aimlessly searching for the right products, that leaves less time for fulfilling orders. And less time for fulfilling orders means your operation isn’t running as efficiently as possible.

Condensing storage and making products easier to access delivers a major productivity boost to your workers and ensures most of their time is being spent fulfilling orders, and not picking them. 

Take SpeedCell, for example. Instead of climbing ladders and using forklifts to reach those hard-to-access products, pickers can ​​move front columns out of the way to have clear step-in access to the back of the rack. Shorter pick lines lead to more orders being picked, which leads to increased efficiency for your warehouse and maximized revenue for your business.

In today’s world, the positive trickle-down effect from implementing efficient order picking solutions like dynamic high-density storage is too good to ignore.

Eliminate Underutilized Space


No surprise here! One of the main benefits that comes with high-density storage is optimized space utilization.

Traditionally, most warehouses have been outfitted with basic industrial shelving, pallet racking, and simple cardboard boxes to hold inventory. In today’s world, with warehouses now tackling omnichannel fulfillment and pressed with ever-increasing consumer demand, these traditional storage solutions simply don’t cut it.

Dynamic high-density storage enables you to address today's industry challenges and implement a flexible, durable, and cost-effective solution. These space-efficient systems ensure you’re prepared for fluctuating market and seasonality trends without having to expand your existing footprint. Dynamic systems like SpeedCell make 100% of your racks usable compared to static shelving options that create dead zones; areas at the top and rows in the back of static shelving units that are hardly used since they’re such a pain to access.

At a high level, dynamic high-density storage solutions can help you avoid the dead zones of static shelving and ensure you’re using your existing warehouse space to its maximum capacity.

Minimize Sunken Costs

Your warehouse is consistently buzzing with activity, which can make it easy every now and then for a product to be damaged or lost. Mistakes happen, but when damaged or lost products become more of a common occurrence than a rarity, it’s important to rectify the issue before things get worse.

Pallet storage gets the job done when you're moving the same products all day, every day. But what about when an order is placed for some of your slow-moving SKUs? These infrequently picked items don't need a high-profile position in your warehouse, but they still need to be stored in an easily accessible location. This means slow-moving SKUs end up occupying prime storage real estate, even though your workers will rarely pick them.

SpeedCell is the dynamic high-density storage solution that enables you to store more with less space, ensuring your slow-moving items are always organized and accessible.

On top of that, SpeedCell protects your slow-moving inventory from the elements, such as dust, moisture, and other airborne contaminants that could cause damage. It can also provide greater security and longevity than cardboard boxes, ensuring products won’t fall and cause damage either to themselves or a nearby worker.

Don’t let damaged or lost products take away from your company’s bottom line. Utilize dynamic high-density storage for your slow movers and keep all of your products in tip-top shape — and out of harm’s way.

SpeedCell: Your Ideal Dynamic High-Density Storage Solution

Improving your warehouse’s pick speed and accuracy goes a long way towards fulfilling more orders. In order to remain competitive within the current market and meet modern-day industry standards, you need to proactively work to integrate high-density storage solutions that maximize your warehouse space and, in turn, your operational efficiency.

SpeedCell is UNEX’s dynamic high-density storage solution uniquely designed to save time, space, and money by using existing space within standard pallet racking.

With the ability to compress 200’ of rack or shelving into 40’ of highly organized storage space, SpeedCell delivers more pick facings and greater SKU density, which equates to less travel and seek time for your employees and more orders being picked and fulfilled.UNEX-SpeedCell-SaveSpace-3SpeedCell delivers:

  • Increased storage density by up to 60%
  • Reduction of labor costs by up to 40%
  • Greater SKU visibility
  • Improved order picking speed and accuracy

Best of all, SpeedCell enhances your existing warehouse space without requiring you to start from scratch. Our high-density storage solution fits within any type of beams, including box, structural, or step, as well as pick modules and mezzanines. So if you’re currently using static shelving or pallet racking, SpeedCell can be installed quickly and cost-efficiently.

To learn more about how SpeedCell can help you make the most of your warehouse space and streamline your order fulfillment processes, you can check out our case study with Overton's. With the help of SpeedCell, the world’s most extensive watersports and marine accessories dealer was able to improve operational efficiency by 20-30% and increase pick locations increased by 150%!

If you want to see how SpeedCell can fit within your warehouse, don’t hesitate to reach out to us with questions. You can also try out our customizable SpeedCell configurator to design your ideal high-density storage system from the ground up (it's FREE)!

Build a space-saving high-density storage solution in minutes with our FREE design tools