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Accelerating Order Fulfillment: How Picking Carts Drive Productivity


When it comes to order fulfillment, productivity and precision aren't just metrics, they're the foundation of your profit, brand image, and future growth. Between the endless push for faster deliveries and navigating the unpredictability of the supply chain, warehouses are facing unprecedented pressure to find avenues for acceleration and optimization.

One simple and effective solution warehouses can deploy to drive productivity? Picking carts. These mobile units are the unsung heroes of logistics hubs and fulfillment centers around the globe. And we’re not talking about basic utility carts. We’re talking about sophisticated picking cart solutions that are specifically designed to increase efficiency across your order picking operations. These carts enhance order picker productivity, accelerate fulfillment, and reduce operational costs while blending into the hustle & bustle of today’s fast-paced fulfillment environments.

Order Fulfillment Challenges

Order fulfillment speed and efficiency is pertinent to the success of companies worldwide. As the dynamics of consumer expectations and global supply chains constantly evolve, businesses from eCommerce to brick-and-mortar retail are facing challenges like:

  • Evolving Customer Expectations: Today's consumers don't just want their products; they want them now. This expectation of rapid delivery strains our processes, pushing operations to the edge and often tightening delivery timelines to seemingly impossible windows.
  • Inventory Management Complexities: With expanding product ranges and global supply chains, keeping track of vast inventories has become as essential as it is challenging. One misstep can lead to a domino effect that ties up capital and wastes valuable storage space.
  • Workforce Challenges: As labor costs rise, recruiting and retaining a skilled workforce has become all the more vital. However, as training, turnover, and task management become daily hurdles, the smooth flow of the order fulfillment process is often disrupted.
  • Supply Chain Disruptions: Supply chain disruptions are wreaking havoc on finely-tuned fulfillment processes, causing delays and inefficiencies that ripple outwards to your warehouse staff, delivery drivers, and ultimately, customers.

Solving these challenges isn’t just about operational efficiency – it's about protecting the health and sustainability of your business. Poor order fulfillment has serious consequences, like:

  • Damaged Customer Loyalty: When orders lag, so does customer trust – impacting not only individual sales but also your overall market share.
  • Operational Bottlenecks: Backlogged orders can quickly lead to crowded storage areas, picking inefficiencies, and a reduced cash flow.
  • Financial Strain: Expedited shipping, rush orders, and the handling of returns aren't just logistical challenges—they come with hefty price tags. These mounting costs eat into profit margins, making efficient order fulfillment non-negotiable.


As these challenges compound, warehouses everywhere are growing desperate for equipment, tools, tactics, and techniques that can help them overcome the multifaceted issues they’re facing.

How Picking Carts Improve Fulfillment Outcomes

Ongoing supply chain challenges have inspired warehouse leaders to consider several avenues for optimization. Using simple yet highly effective tools like picking carts to enhance productivity and improve efficiency is a big one.

Picking carts are mobile units that make the order picking process faster and easier. They allow workers to pick and move more items with fewer trips and less effort than using just bins or boxes.

UNEX SpeedCartt picking carts

Picking carts are especially beneficial in high-circulation areas, during peak order times, and when handling multiple orders simultaneously. However, it’s important to note the impact picking carts make on your fulfillment outcomes partially depends on your operation’s picking style. 

Picking styles like:

  • Single or Discrete Order Picking: Workers pick and package a single order from start to finish before moving on to the next order. 
  • Batch Picking: Orders are grouped into small batches, and workers pick items for every order in the batch in a single pass through the warehouse. 
  • Wave Picking: A hybrid method that combines discrete and batch picking. Workers pick items for several orders in a single pass, much like batch picking. Then sort and consolidate items into individual orders.
  • Zone Picking: Orders move from one zone to the next via conveyor systems or pick carts. After orders pass through each zone, the entire order is picked and ready for packing.

Each have distinct use cases for picking carts. What works for single order picking may not translate to zone picking, so be sure to consider your operation’s unique needs before expanding or shrinking your fleet of picking carts!

Why Picking Carts Are Critical for Today’s Order Fulfillment Operations

Key Benefits of Picking Carts

Picking carts quietly yet effectively enhance multiple aspects of order fulfillment, from order picking speed to employee satisfaction. Let’s explore four specific examples of the key benefits picking carts bring to fulfillment centers.  

  1. Increasing Efficiency for Faster Fulfillment
    By streamlining order routes and expanding carrying capacity, picking carts generate a significant reduction in picker time and travel. Their organized, high-visibility design also ensures fewer errors, improving productivity while minimizing costly picking mistakes.
  2. Enhanced Ergonomics for Employee Satisfaction
    Picking carts’ ergonomic designs don’t just ensure efficiency – they also enhance worker well-being. Ergonomic picking carts have been linked to fewer workplace injuries, lower turnover, and reduced absenteeism – helping you promote consistent fulfillment productivity and speed.
  3. Versatility and Customization for Future-Proofing
    The adaptability of picking carts ensures your warehouses and fulfillment centers remain agile in the face of ever-changing circumstances. How? By allowing you to modify your cart configurations to adapt to shifting needs. Whether it's dealing with increased product demand, expanded inventory, or accommodating new pick lines or storage areas. This ensures your fulfillment accuracy and speed remain consistent, regardless of demand shifts or evolved operational needs.
  4. Scalability and Adaptability for Growth
    Scalability and adaptability make picking carts a sustainable choice for businesses at every stage of growth – from up-and-coming startups to industry-leading enterprises. Picking carts modularity means they can be configured to support everything from an expanded inventory line packed with diverse item sizes to accommodating unexpected spikes in order volume without compromising on efficiency.

UNEX-SpeedCartt-picking carts

UNEX Picking Carts

Picking carts are an effective solution for warehouses looking to optimize productivity and overcome fulfillment challenges. In today's fast-paced fulfillment environments, these mobile units play a crucial role in enhancing order picker productivity, accelerating fulfillment, and reducing operational costs. With evolving customer expectations for rapid delivery, complexities in inventory management, workforce challenges, and supply chain disruptions, warehouses are in desperate need of tools and techniques that can address these multifaceted issues. 

UNEX-SpeedCartt-Circle-2-1UNEX SpeedCartt offers a simple yet powerful solution by streamlining order routes, increasing carrying capacity, and reducing picker search and travel time. Their ergonomic design also promotes consistent productivity and speed while minimizing workplace injuries. Moreover, the adaptability and scalability of picking carts like SpeedCartt make them a future-proof choice for businesses of all sizes, allowing for modifications and configurations to accommodate changing needs. With the use of picking carts like UNEX SpeedCartt, warehouses can set new standards for efficiency and accuracy.

Work with UNEX Picking Cart Experts

Picking carts are a relatively low-tech, high-impact, ready-for-implementation tool that offers outsized productivity and fulfillment speed boosts. With multiple pick facings, 16 adaptable configurations, and durable materials, UNEX SpeedCartt won’t just help you keep up, these picking carts will help you set the pace and continue growing your fulfillment operations for the long-term.

To learn more about how UNEX picking carts can enhance efficiency in your facility, contact UNEX today!

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