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Assembly Show 2019 : In Review

UNEX displays space-saving solutions at the Assembly Show

There was quite a bit of excitement over the space-saving solutions we exhibited at the Assembly Show last week. Our products help manufacturers improve assembly lines by better managing materials, improving productivity, accelerating delivery schedules, and enhancing customer satisfaction. In case you missed our booth, didn't see everything, or weren't able to attend, here is a little reminder:



Lineside Flow Cell with Ergo Shelf

UNEX Flow Cell high-density storage racks are placed on the assembly line to cut down on transportation time. This rack featured our heavy-duty roller lanes for maximum durability. While these lanes can handle up to 200 pounds per foot, most customers choose these for the increased impact resistance, the more substantial steel rollers afford. This rack also featured our “ergo shelf” that slides along the top beams, allowing for storage of infrequently used slow movers in an easily reachable spot but out of the way.


UNEX Single Lane Flow Cell

Single Lane Layback With Knuckle

The single lane lay back Flow Cell is a great flow rack to transport goods from process to process. Decrease travel time from station to station and present the products in a sequential layback design to keep your operation efficient. High-profile tracks are a unique solution that the competition can’t deliver. Our tracks can extend 24” in either direction, allowing companies to present parts under or over machinery, worktables, conveyors, etc.


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UNEX Flow Cell Pick Cart with Steel Trays and Handlebars


Pick Tray Cart with Handlebars

Keeping small parts close to the line and readily accessible is a great use of the steel pick tray unit. Steel shelves are optimal for presenting parts for picking. They’re especially useful in two-bin Kanban systems. Also, note the vertical handlebars for smooth steering.


High Density Wheel Bed Flow Cell with Tilted Trays


High-Density Wheel Bed with Tilted Trays

This Flow Cell unit has internal trays for presentation with storage for a shift’s worth of parts behind. A top-mounted return serves as a visual indicator or flag for stock replenishers.




UNEX Roller Rack with Span-Track Lane

Roller Rack

An all-in-one, ready-to-go, rack and track solution for your supermarket area. Roller Racks can be used to store large items where it would be space prohibitive to store lineside. Roller rack is an optimal mix of storage efficiency, ease of use, and cost.



Our Flow Cell products maximize space, diminish movements with angled shelving, reduce waste, and support FIFO methodologies. UNEX lineside storage solutions improve picking functions within assembly operations. When customization is high in an assembly operation, the ability to store additional SKUs in the assembly area reduces travel time, speeding fulfillment rates while efficiency and productivity increase.


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UNEX specializes in designing durable engineered space-saving solutions serving several industries, including distribution, logisticsretail, and manufacturing. To learn more about how UNEX can help your operation boost productivity and improve efficiency, click here to contact us or call us at 800-334-8639