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Assembly Show South 2024: In Review

FlowCell modular flow racks were showcased in booth #1722!

Assembly Show South 2024

Every year, hundreds of exhibitors and thousands of attendees visit the Assembly Show in Rosemont, IL produced by Assembly Magazine. Last year, The Assembly Show South in Nashville, TN. This year, UNEX returned to demo a variety of assembly solutions in booth #1722 at The Assembly Show South!

Check out our show recap to discover top solutions for applications such as lineside storage, assembly and sub-assembly stations, and industrial workstations

Industrial Workstations

Our industrial workstation showcased at The Assembly Show South demonstrated the full capabilities of our FlowCell product line. This unit was outfitted with varying widths of our SpanTrack Wheel Bed carton flow to show a wide range of flow options. The workstation also featured tilted pick trays that angle parts toward the employee for better visibility and accessibility. Our FlowCell workstation featured at The Assembly Show South allowed attendees to experience the different capabilities of our dynamic duo, FlowCell and SpanTrack. These solutions, when used in conjunction, support Lean principles

Mobile Flow Racks

flowcell-heavy-duty-skatewheel-1In booth #1722 we also showcased a mobile flow rack featuring various SpanTrack carton flow tracks, including light, medium, and heavy-duty options. UNEX heavy-duty SpanTrack (100 series) carton flow rollers are made of galvanized steel with bearings, while our skatewheel carton flow is available in steel, and each wheel has a bearing. UNEX FlowCell is utilized by manufacturing and assembly facilities nationwide to maximize efficiency across their operations. FlowCell flow racks are durable, modular structures that can be customized to a facility's unique needs and configured in various ways to support lineside processes. FlowCell offers lineside flexibility by delivering inventory and components directly to production lines, maintaining product organization, and maximizing space utilization. 

Pick Tray Carts

UNEX showcased an industrial picking cart that featured one angled pick tray and one flat shelf. Keeping small parts close to the line and readily accessible is a great use of the FlowCell pick tray cart. Steel shelves are ideal for presenting parts for picking and adding caster to any FlowCell unit allows manufacturing and assembly plant workers to easily move items throughout a facility.

Supermarket Racks

Manufacturing Supermarket
Not featured in the booth, but undoubtedly worth an honorable mention, are our supermarket racks! Our FlowCell and Roller Rack solutions are ideal for creating space-conscious and efficient manufacturing supermarket areas. Mimicking the functionality of an actual retail supermarket, the manufacturing supermarket is a storage area within a facility where parts are stored and picked by workers to replenish smaller storage racks, modular carts, and/or workstations along the assembly line.

Roller Rack structures provide carton flow for the various storage mediums used in picking operations. Quick and easy to build, Roller Rack is ideal for manufacturing supermarkets due to its durable, flexible, and modular design.

FlowCell modular flow racks are proven to increase efficiency within high-volume operations by creating a seamless integration between the manufacturing supermarket and other areas of a facility.

Build Your Own Flow Racks for Free!

Did you miss The Assembly Show South? Don't worry! Our team of experts have created a free flow rack-building tool you can use without leaving your desk! The UNEX FlowCell configurator allows you to create a number of flow rack designs in a 3D sandbox environment. When you complete a configuration, we'll send you a free drawing and specifications straight to your inbox so you can evaluate and repeat the process as many times as you'd like. You can tailor several solutions to meet your specific needs. Try our free FlowCell configurator today!

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