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Top Assembly Plants Choose UNEX Modular Flow Racks


Since 2004 Assembly Magazine has awarded Top Plant of the Year, showcasing American production facilities that have reduced production costs, increased productivity, shortened time to market, and improved product quality. There's a reason why nearly 100% of the winning companies choose UNEX FlowCell. 

Our flexible modular design allows for reconfiguration as your needs or processes change and grow. FlowCell lean storage structures offer a highly effective means to eliminate waste in the workplace while increasing order picking efficiency and accuracy, improving space utilization, and decreasing costs.


Lean Manufacturing and 5S 

Lean manufacturing methods focus on minimizing waste and maximizing productivity. FlowCell offers a durable and inexpensive way to implement Lean into your workspace. Our flexible storage units support Lean principles by keeping inventory organized and reducing waste. FlowCell enhances efficiency by drastically decreasing clutter, arranging the workspace, and increasing space utilization by up to 50%. Optimized storage in a smaller footprint helps improve the order picking process by eliminating wasted time searching for misplaced tools or lost materials. 


5S is a housekeeping method for the shop floor consisting of five rules that eliminate waste and foster a lean environment. The 5S's are sort, set in order, shine, standardize, and sustain. With FlowCell workstations, all items in the workspace are easily sorted, labeled, and stored in standardized locations. Having a place for everything and everything in its place helps maintain an organized workspace at all times.


Get the Guide: Lean Manufacturing Storage Guidebook 


Ergonomics, Speed, and Accuracy UNEX FlowCell Lineside Workstation at Braunability

FlowCell is ergonomically sound, ensuring that the product is always within easy reach and accessible. Parts are angled toward the picker, significantly improving pick access and the ability to pick parts quickly, which boosts productivity by 30%. FlowCell workstations provide overhead toolbars to hold equipment needed in the assembly process. These lean manufacturing workstations can be integrated with carton flow solutions so that parts and tools are always close at hand. FlowCells speed the assembly process. Minimizing reach and improving ergonomics reduces injury and fatigue, increases pick rates and enhances accuracy. 


Free Flow Rack Design Tool

 FlowCell modular storage structures can be customized to meet the specific needs of your operation. UNEX provides solutions engineering, a bill of material, and a drawing of every FlowCell. Are you ready to improve your processes today? Our online configurator allows you to build your FlowCell solution in a 3D sandbox environment from countless options. Choose one of our more popular configurations designed for specific applications or start from scratch. At the end of the design process, a free 3D design can be sent straight to your inbox. Click the button below to get started.



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 UNEX specializes in engineered space optimization for Lean manufacturing and assembly operations. We several industries, including distribution, logisticsretail, and manufacturingDownload our new Guide to Optimizing Warehouse Space Utilization. To learn more about how UNEX can help your business increase efficiency and optimize storage space within your operation, click here to contact us or call us at 800-334-8639


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