When Credit is Due

Rebuilding a brand from the ground up is no simple task. For UNEX, it required massive amounts of collaboration both inside and outside the company. A new brand meant a new everything- a new website, new literature, new photographs, new videos, and so on. Although we've assembled a team of bright, creative individuals here at UNEX, the monumental task of relaunching who we are could not be done without a little helping hand. These are the folks who helped make it happen.

Terri McAdoo Communications
Perhaps the largest task our rebrand brought us was a complete rewrite of our website's content. We called in Terri McAdoo, a former New Jersey Press Association Journalist of the Year. Terri has mountains of talent that made the process of content writing a breeze. She effectively captured UNEX's voice and used it to put together fantastic copy for our new website, literature, and case studies. You can learn more about Terri and the services she offers at her website.

Splendor Design Group
What's the point of great new content if you're plugging it into an old, boring site? Splendor Design Group is a small design studio based in Red Bank, NJ. When we approached Splendor to develop our website, they were willing and able to take everything we could throw at them- and throw we did. They produced for us a beautiful, engaging website that has vastly improved the look and feel of UNEX's online presence. You can check out Splendor Design at their website here.

One look at our old website would lead one to believe it was 1999. Our photographs were limited, and more importantly outdated. Michelle Parks of YellowYellowYellow helped to completely revamp UNEX's look. She produced beautiful photographs of our products in studio and out in the field, as well as covering UNEX events. You can check out her work at YellowYellowYellow.
JK Design
We needed a simple way to update our followers on what was happening at UNEX-specifically, we wanted to announce our rebrand in a fun and exciting way. JK Design, with offices in Hillsborough, NJ and the Big Apple, was primed and ready for the task. They developed for us a pair of great motion graphics that perfectly illustrated the big changes occurring at UNEX. You can check out the services they offer at their website.

Slimbo Jones Inc.
Remember that old "Full Width Roller Advantage" video? We wish we didn't. Tom McFadden and his animation firm, Slimbo Jones Inc., made that old jangly animation a thing of the past. His skills in 3D animation were just what we needed to complement our sleek new look, and did he ever deliver! The Hex Hub and roller lane videos he produced for us are gorgeous and provide a great tool to demonstrate the advantages UNEX products offer. Check out Slimbo Jones' reel here.

Matt Garofalo
Each year we like to put out a fun little video for the Christmas season. This year, Matt Garofalo delivered a great animation that we just loved. Matt's animations are clever, funny, and look fantastic- no surprises here, as Matt has even provided animations for Adult Swim! Check out what Matt has to offer at his website.

Posted by: UNEX