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Is Your Order Picking Operation Ready for Peak Season?

Our order picking experts created a Peak Season Prep Checklist so you don’t have to!


Even though each peak season you work hard to be well prepared for the unexpected, with the current demands on the supply chain, you know it’s not getting any easier. Enterprise organization leaders now say peak season may never go away and that this year may be even worse. So, it’s more important now than ever to ensure you have systems established to keep your operations flowing smoothly.

What can you do to prepare your order picking equipment and fulfillment teams as we enter the height of peak season this year? Our experts have developed a Peak Season Prep Checklist that will help you and your team streamline your order picking operations for a smooth, stress-free holiday season.

Ensure your order picking and warehouse storage equipment is in tip-top shape.

If your order picking equipment needs a tune-up, don’t wait until you’re in the throws of peak season to take care of it. Use this list to help you set up routines to keep your equipment and processes running smoothly all year.

  • Service your warehouse forklifts and order pickers to ensure they are tuned up and ready to run.
  • Order new picking carts and repair old ones to take on the brunt of the holiday rush.
  • Make sure your picking and sorting digital systems are updated to prevent downtime.
  • Update your warehouse management system to ensure it’s ready to perform under strain.
  • Inspect your directed picking devices like pick-to-light or voice pickers and be prepared to upgrade old software to ensure it will run without issue.
  • Set up backup barcode scanners and inventory scanning devices and make sure your primary ones are up to date.
  • Create a maintenance plan to fix systems when they break.
  • Gather spare parts and organize parts storage to keep things easily accessible. Ensure the footprint of your parts storage is not taking up precious SKU space.
  • Stock (and re-slot as needed) your inventory and organize it to prioritize seasonal items and the items you know will be best sellers.
  • Place any last-minute orders for extra equipment, supplies, or parts now before it’s too late.

Download the Checklist!

Prioritze safety, cleanliness, and well-organized spaces to boost efficiency.

After running through this checklist, you may also find that you need to optimize your warehouse storage solutions this year to reduce the increased strain on operations. For example, if cleanliness and safety are a priority for your staff year-round, you may discover you need a more space-efficient solution for storing cleaning supplies. Or you might need new or upgraded storage space for tools or safety equipment. Clean and organized facilities keep your staff safe and efficient as things get more hectic, so finding ways to maximize space for these warehouse operation essentials is key.

Keeping your warehouse equipment and supplies organized along with your order picking areas is always challenging, but we’re here to help. If you decide to invest in better dynamic storage solutions for your order picking operation, you might consider a carton flow system like SpanTrack or high-density storage like SpeedCell. These dynamic storage solutions increase efficiency by reducing your warehouse footprint and, thus, movement between picks. That and their ergonomic benefits will help keep things organized and your staff safe.

Keep your automated solutions fully functioning and prepared for high performance.

Another aspect of your order picking preparation to consider is your automated solutions. While automated solutions offer increased accuracy and reduced labor costs, you know maintenance can sometimes be a nightmare. As your team is preparing for peak season, be sure your automated systems are fully functioning ahead of time by setting up routine maintenance. If your order picking operation uses automated systems, you don’t want them to fail during a rush.

If you’re not sure whether to implement new automated systems this year, don’t wait to get them established in your routines. Whether you decide to use Automated Guided Vehicles, Autonomous Mobile Robots, or Automated Storage and Retrieval systems, do your research about each system so you know what may work best for your needs. Ultimately, these solutions are not helpful if they don’t run smoothly or if they don’t fit in with your already established order picking needs.

UNEX space optimization specialists are here to support you during peak season.

Whatever upgrades your team may need to make for peak season this year, don’t wait to make the change. UNEX space optimization specialists want to help you mitigate issues before they happen, but we’re also here when they do, especially during peak season. We want you to have a prosperous peak and a profitable new year. Our team is happy to help you with any new or existing applications as you prepare your order picking operations for the holiday rush. Contact us today or start a conversation via live chat to get started!