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MODEX 2024: In Review

Smart Space Solutions That Transform the Supply Chain Were Showcased in booth #B3414 at MODEX 2024!

UNEX showcased a variety of smart space-saving solutions for warehousing, order fulfillment, retail, logistics, and manufacturing in booth #B3414 at MODEX 2024 in Atlanta, GA. Every other year, thousands of supply chain professionals visit Atlanta, GA to attend MODEX, produced by MHI. Review what UNEX showcased at MODEX 2024 to discover top solutions for every area of the supply chain. Discover dynamic industrial shelving, carton flow, modular flow racks, and gravity conveyor solutions from UNEX.

SpeedCell Ready Bay: the newest high-density storage solution from UNEX!speedcell-industrial-shevling-ready-bay-1

SpeedCell is a dynamic high-density industrial shelving solution that maximizes space utilization within pallet racks, helping warehouse and backroom operations improve pick speed and accuracy for valuable time and cost savings. SpeedCell is ideal for slow-moving each picks in warehousing, order fulfillment, and retail settings. This dynamic industrial shelving solution can be found in a variety of facilities that store many different types of products, from apparel to cosmetics, hardware, and more. 

SpeedCell Ready Bay is a complete dynamic industrial shelving solution that includes SpeedCell columns with a pre-assembled steel suspension system and rack structure that is ready for use in minutes.

Ready Bay is offered in 6 standard sizes ranging from XS - XXL. Each Ready Bay includes:

  • SpeedCell columns in your choice of size
  • SpeedCell steel set suspension system (fully assembled)!
  • UNEX-supplied racking
  • Wire deck for extra storage space above your SpeedCell bay

Ready Bay starter kits come with 2 uprights and 4 beams so you can set up a standalone SpeedCell bay. Ready Bay add-on kits come with 1 upright and 4 beams to create multiple bays of SpeedCell.


SpeedCartt: Mobile Order Picking Cart

SpeedCartt Picking CartSpeedCell's companion, SpeedCartt is a fast mobile order picking cart. SpeedCartt mobilizes the order picking process, allows greater SKU availability than individual boxes and bins, and is well-suited for high circulation areas. We can't stress enough how much this thing can hold! If you're looking for a faster, more efficient way to pick and re-stock locations, SpeedCartt is the answer. This super-efficient fulfillment cart allows you to pick multiple orders at the same time and significantly reduces travel time. Interested in SpeedCartt? Learn more here and build your own!

SpanTrack: Carton Flow Rollers and Wheel Beds

SpanTrack Wheel BedSpanTrack Carton Flow Rollers








Industry-leading carton flow solution, SpanTrack was showcased in a variety of styles to accommodate a wide range of applications. Carton flow rollers and carton flow beds in light, standard, and heavy-duty options allow for flexibility across industries such as warehousing and fulfillment, retail, logistics, and manufacturing. Angled tracks are ideal for each picking operations, while straight tracks are a tried and true solution for case picking. Take a deeper dive into the world of SpanTrack carton flow solutions, and build your own carton flow bays with our SpanTrack product configurator!

FlowCell: Modular Flow Racks

FlowCell Lineside Flow RackFlowCell Modular Workstation








Fan-favorite FlowCell was a major highlight for UNEX at MODEX! No booth would be complete without our most flexible solution that caters to every industry. From manufacturing workstations to lineside flow racks, supermarket areas, fulfillment packing stations, order picking carts, and more, FlowCell is a versatile, durable, and ergonomic solution that organizes inventory, accelerates pick productivity, and eliminates waste. Learn more about FlowCell and start designing your own flow rack solutions today with our free FlowCell configurator!

Gravity Conveyor

UNEX-Gravity-Conveyer-1Durable, efficient gravity conveyors move loads through a facility. Our extensive line of roller and wheel conveyor solutions are easy to install, made to order, and proven to increase warehouse efficiency and throughput significantly. The team at UNEX can provide custom variations of products such as special lengths, widths, roller centers, wheel patterns, or modified standards.

Let UNEX Help You Transform Your Supply Chain!

From the manufacturing floor to the fulfillment center, retail store, logistics, and into the hands of each customer; UNEX solutions offer tremendous benefits for applications across the supply chain. If you're looking to get started with a tailor-made solution like SpeedCell, SpanTrack, or FlowCell, reach out to our team of product experts today! They will be happy to assist you in identifying and creating the perfect smart space solutions to transform your supply chain.

Build a space-saving solution with UNEX's FREE Warehouse Design Tools