ProMat 2015: Show When You Go

ProMat 2015 may be the biggest trade show of the year, but the upcoming show in Chicago is just one of many expos dotting the UNEX Manufacturing marketing calendar.

Trade shows have always been an integral part of UNEX's marketing strategy, and continue to be some of our most successful events, despite the changing marketing landscape.

So why do we do it? It's important to know and understand the benefits of exhibiting at trade shows like ProMat. That's why we've compiled this list of five reasons why you should show when you go.

5 Reasons to Attend ProMat 2015 

1. Meet the right people.

It can be quite difficult to reach the big decision makers at the companies and industries your traditional marketing efforts target. However, 20 to 37% of attendees at your average expo have positions in top management at their companies. Being an exhibitor at a trade show allows you to get your product, company, and face in front of the people who call the shots.

2. New products, new opportunities.

Of your average exposition audience, more than half of attendees say they attend trade shows to learn about new products, ideas, and services in their industry. If you have expanded your product line, made improvements on a popular product, or have an exciting new application for an existing product, there is a large swath of trade show attendees that would like to see and experience it.

3. Close without the costs.

About 54% of leads obtained at a trade show are closed without an additional in-person visit. However, if first contact is made at a prospect's place of business, it takes an average of 4.3 visits to close the same sale, racking up travel expenses as well as eating up valuable time. Exhibiting at a trade show allows you and your company to close without the additional costs.

4. Did I mention costs?

The cost of a face-to-face meeting with a prospect at their location, on average, is $259. The cost of the same meeting with the same prospect at a trade show, on average, is $142. If you are deciding whether or not to exhibit by calculating your cost per lead, then showing at an expo is a no-brainer.

5. Build long-lasting relationships.

What's better than a new customer? A new customer that comes back, time and time again. On average, a company's sales numbers are influenced by the contacts made at a trade show or expo for two years following the show. Many long-term customer relationships begin after visiting an exhibit at a trade show.

With ProMat just around the corner, we are very excited about what the show may hold for us, and we hope this short primer convinces you to join us as exhibitors at future shows. If you're attending ProMat and you'd like to see what new opportunities UNEX can provide, visit us at booth 1238 or schedule a one-on-one consultation with a Pickologist. We'll see you in Chicago!

Source: Nutmeg Exhibit Co.

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